December 27, 2013

My picks for 2013

CÜLO - My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less (Deranged)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Call Of Death (Feral Ward)
RULETA RUSA - Aquí No Es (Sorry State)
EMENKAYA - S/T (Vulgar Deformity)
IRON REAGAN - Worse Than Dead (A389)
PROXY - Something We've All Seen Before (Inflammable Material)
KREMLIN - Drunk In The Gulag (Hardware)
TOE TAG - Here She Comes Again (Conundrum Media)
IMPALERS - S/T (Todo Destruido)
LONG KNIFE - Wilderness (Feral Ward)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Chemistry Of Consciousness (Relapse)
BLOOD PATROL - From Beyond And Below (Drunk With Power)
NIGHT PROWLER - Psychopath (KFC Tapes)

BISHOPS GREEN - S/T (Rebellion)
MAJOR DAMAGE - Sheer Mayhem (Even Worse)
PROXY - Police Car (Discos MMM)
GAS RAG - 6 Track EP (Even Worse)
GAS RAG - Human Rights (Beach Impediment)
ALL OUT PANIC - Pig (Self Released)
IMPALERS/VAASKA - Split (Beach Impediment)
BRAIN SLUG - CREEP//Annihilate Me (Self Acceptance)
SAVAGEHEADS - Demo (Self Released)

HOLIER THAN THOU? - You Can't Have Slaughter Without Laughter (Six Weeks)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST - From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction (Relapse)
BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS - By All Means Necessary (Funky Town Grooves)
BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS - Ghetto Music (Funk Town Grooves)
EAZY E - Eazy Duz It 25th Anniversary (Priority)
POISON IDEA - Kings Of Punk (Southern Lord)
THE ABUSED - Loud And Clear (Radio Raheem)
CÜLO - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Cowabunga)
NECROS - Club House Session (Alona's Dream)
BORED YOUTH - November 1981 (Alona's Dream)
BL'AST - Blood! (Southern Lord)
VA - Dangerhouse: Complete Singles Collected 1977-1979 (Munster)
EVIL ARMY - I, Commander (Hells Headbangers)
SCHOOLLY D - C.I.A./Cold Blooded Blitz (Roots Forward)

December 17, 2013

ACTIONAUTS - Hash Assassin single (1983)

I knew about this band through the "Last Call" compilation, and even though I've seen this 7" in local records I only heard it for the first time a few months back when Dan Walters gave it to me. Some pretty good power pop / new wave type stuff here, produced by Nick Jones of the Pointed Sticks. Shame they didn't put out anything else. According to former member John Cody, the band did have some other recordings that were never released. You can listen to a few of them on his website HERE. You can also check out both songs from this single at the Museum Of Canadian Music.

1. Hash Assassin
2. Vagabond

Here's another unreleased song that they even shot a video for. I can't believe no one in the last 30 years has put this stuff out. I'm looking at you, Sudden Death Records! 

December 10, 2013

DIRECT CONTROL - You're Controlled LP (2005)

By far one of my favourite hardcore records from the last decade.  When I first heard "Ronnie's Dead" back in '06, I was hooked. Pretty much everything this band put out was great, which really isn't surprising given guitarist/vocalist's Brandon Ferrell's resume (Municipal Waste, Government Warning, Major Damage, to name a few). While I do think this 12" is out of print, it's not impossible to track down. 

1. Direct Control
2. Ronnie's Dead
3. What's The Point?
4. Bucktown Hardcore
5. I Like It Fast
6. Herd The Cattle
7. War All The Time
8. Let's Scorch Scorch
9. Tough Guy
10. Braindead
11. Outro

November 23, 2013


This was Fratricide's first demo, recorded in 1986 and originally intended to be on a split 12" with Holland's Neuroot on Pushead's Pusmort Records. For someone unknown reason, it was never released except for a few test pressings, which went for an arm and a leg. A few songs from this session did end up on a couple of Pusmort compilations. I've been wanting to post this record since I first started up this blog, but I didn't because it was still a new release. But now that it's over 3 years old, I'm sure anyone who wanted it has it by now. This was ripped from the red vinyl version that came with an alternate cover.
1. Blind Faith
2. Rip Wide The Sky
3. Blood Red Dream
4. Going Under
5. Grave
6. Final Solution
7. Beaten Senseless
DOWNLOAD (2010 reissue)

UPDATE 24.03.14
Big thanks to Ken Porter for sending me his rip of the original test pressing (Fratricide tracks only). These are a totally different mix than the 2010 reissue. 
DOWNLOAD (test pressing mix)

November 6, 2013

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live At The Farm (1986)

Another live Dayglos set from the Bay Area, this one recorded at the Farm in San Fran, on 10/25/1986. The sound is a bit rougher than the previous one I posted, but I thought it was worth putting up because it features the late Nev The Impaler on guitar. Rest In Peace. Also, Cretin wasn't on this tour so vocal duties were performed by Spud.

1. Argh Fuck Kill
2. Die Sinner Die
3. Bedtime Story
4. Stupid Songs
5. Religious Bumfucks
6. I Killed Mommy
7. I'm My Own God
8. My Girl
9. Dogfarts
10. Ronald McRaygun
11. Wake Up America
12. Proud To Be Canadian
13. Stupid World
14. Scared Of People
15. Black Sabbath
16. Dragons

November 1, 2013

VA - Canuck Core tape + zine (1988)

I originally posted this comp a year and a half ago with some crappy sounding MP3s at 128kbps I got off Soulseek. I wasn't totally happy with the way they sounded but I posted it anyways because no one else did and I figured it was better than nothing. Thanks again to Ken Porter for hooking me up with the WAVs, so I can take out the tape hiss and beef up the sound. He was also cool enough to send me the 7 page zine that came with the tape, which I'd never seen before. Like the last post, it's included in the download as a PDF file.

1. Adversity - Intro / Lost It All
2. Re-Ignition - Intro / Innocence
3. Re-Ignition - War For Your Life / Makin' Love
4. Desperate Minds - Maybe I'm Just Naive
5. Desperate Minds - Miami
6. Desperate Minds - One Tin Soldier
7. Mourning Sickness - Kop Kar 1113
8. Mourning Sickness - Catatonic
9. Mourning Sickness - Extinction
10. Adversity - The Jester
11. Unnatural Silence - Luxury And Lies
12. Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima (August 6th)
13. Subverse - Intro / Dictate
14. Subverse - The Drunk Song
15. Organized Kaos - Reconditioned
16. Organized Kaos - To No End
17. Curious George - Intro
18. Curious George - Pit Bull Attack
19. Curious George - Beachcombers Theme
20. Curious George - Punks Go Camping


October 22, 2013

VA - Uncovered Reality tape + zine (1987)

I've been trying to track down this local cassette compilation for years, so I was stoked when Ken Porter sent me not only the WAV file for me to edit, but also the accompanying 22 page zine. It's included as a PDF file in the download. Thanks again! Lots of rare and obscure Vancouver punk & hardcore not found anywhere else, enjoy!
Track Listing

October 15, 2013

VA - Very Scary Cemetery EP (1985)

I bought this 7" for cheap over the long weekend, so I figured I'd throw it on here since I just posted "Hollow Weiners". Same idea, a bunch of local rockabilly-type fuck bands doing Halloween themed songs. There's no insert or recording info, so I don't know about any of these bands at all. The only info I could find was a track listing on Discogs, which may or may not even be correct. According to that page, the first song is called 'My Dead Son', but to me it sounds more like 'My Dead Zoo'. So I'm going with that, fuck it.
1. DIG MA'S GRAVE - My Dead Zoo
2. HARD ON - Trick Or Treat
3. NANCY'S NIGHTMARE - Nancy's Nightmare

October 3, 2013

VA - Hollow Weiners EP (1984)

Here's a local Halloween compilation given to me by Dan Walters featuring some "fuck bands" and some... non-fuck bands, like the Enigmas. If you like those Bud Luxford comps, then I'm sure you'll dig this one too. Whoever put this 7" out released another the year after called, "Very Scary Cemetery". I know Halloween is still a ways away yet, but fuck it. I promise not to post anything Xmas-related until at least November. 

1. BAGS OF DIRT - Spidas
2. TARTAN HAGGIS - Lochness Monster
3. STAB 'EM IN THE ABDOMEN - The Dead Want To Live
4. THE SCISSORS - Underwear Wolf
5. ENIGMAS - Monsters In The Basement

September 15, 2013

POINTED STICKS - Demo (1980)

I just realized that my blog turned 2 years old today, so I figured I better put something up to celebrate, right? Here's a mostly unreleased recording session by the Pointed Sticks, the third and final post of rare Sticks material I have. I say mostly unreleased because "Worse" and "Careless" were later included on the "Waiting For The Real Thing" album that Sudden Death records put out in 2006. According the liner notes of that CD, this demo was recorded at Sabre Sound sometime in 1980, I'm assuming before they recorded "Perfect Youth". 

1. The Real Thing
2. Marching Song
3. True Love
4. All That Matters
5. All My Clocks Stopped
6. Nothing Else To Do
7. Careless
8. All I Could Take
9. Part Of The Noise
10. How Could You
11. Middle Aged Teenagers
12. Worse
13. Love Or Money
14. American Song
15. New Ways
16. Apologies


September 3, 2013


"Terminally Stupid #6 photozine- DIVING WITH YOUR BOOTS ON- 1985: The Year in Punk & Hardcore... 28 years in the making (well, maybe 1 year in the making and 27 years sitting in a box...), here's the year of punk and hardcore gigs in Vancouver through the camera lens of a 17 year old suburban kid and his friend with a darkroom (and a better camera), plus a few from out of town. Includes visual scene reports from Vancouver and Toronto circa 1985...Enjoy..."

- Dan Walters


When Dan asked if I would post his zine on my blog, I was not only stoked but honoured. There's lots of great pics on there that make me wish I was older than ten back in '85. Click on the link to download it as a single PDF file. If you can't open it, try using Foxit Reader which can be downloaded for free here.

August 27, 2013

D.O.A. - Live at the On Broadway, San Francisco (1984)

Although everyone considers Shithead, Gregg, Rampage and Biscuits the "classic" D.O.A. line-up, they were still kicking ass after Randy and Chuck left the band and this live set proves it. Really good soundboard recording here, except for a few parts when the audio cuts out, most noticeably during "I Hate You". When I first heard this, I thought this was from the same gig that was taped for 'The Best Of Flipside Video #3'. This show here was recorded the day after in San Fran on June 2nd, 1984. The video below is from that Flipside video recorded at the Olympic Auditorium in L.A., the sound quality and performance is pretty similar.

1. Intro
2. Fucked Up Ronnie
3. The Enemy
4. A Season In Hell
5. I Hate You
6. Burn It Down
7. Singin' In The Rain
8. Our World
9. Lumberjack City
10. D.O.A.
11. War
12. I'm Right You're Wrong
13. America The Beautiful
14. Fuck You
15. The Prisoner

August 6, 2013

THE EFFIGIES - Live Radio Broadcast (1981)

Since my rip of The Effigies' "For Ever Grounded" LP is by far the most popular post on this blog, I figured some of y'all might be interested in this early live set. This gig originally aired on WZRD's "Sunday Morning Nightmare" radio show. The exact date and venue is unknown, but I'm assuming it's in Chicago sometime in 1981. The cool thing about this is the song, "Blank Slate", which I don't think was ever was recorded in a studio. Then again neither was "Guns Or Ballots", although a better version can be found on the live compilation, "Busted At Oz".
1. Below The Drop
2. Blank Slate
3. Quota
4. Strongbox
5. Techno's Gone
6. Body Bag
7. Guns Or Ballots

July 27, 2013

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live At Gilman St. (1987)

Here's a pretty decent soundboard recording taped August 30th, 1987 at Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, CA. The sound is a bit low in the first song, but is fixed (somewhat) by time they start playing "Fuck My Shit Stinks". In case you're wondering, "D+DOD" is actually "Dragons". 

1. Proud To Be A Canadian
2. Fuck My Shit Stinks
3. Argh Fuck Kill
4. Die Sinner Die
5. Bedtime Story
6. Hide The Hamster
7. Fuck Satan To Death
8. Stupid Songs
9. Religious Bumfucks
10. D+DOD
11. Drugged And Driving
12. I'm My Own God
13. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
14. Stupid World
15. My Girl
16. Dogfarts

July 14, 2013

PERSONALITY CRISIS - Demos (1981-83)

I scored this on a trade, along with a bunch of other stuff (including that Young Canadians live set I posted two weeks ago), so stay tuned. Tracks 1-8 aren't actually demos but rough mixes from the "Creatures For Awhile" LP, recorded Sept 1983 at Ocean Studios, Vancouver. The only difference from the album versions besides the mix is the false start at the beginning of track 5 followed by who I presume is Mitch bellowing, "Listen up geek... this is Personality Crisis!". 
Tracks 9-13 was their 2nd demo, recorded sometime between late 1981 and early 1982 in Calgary. Songs 11-13 originally appeared on the cassette compilation, "Charred Remains". 9-12 later showed up on the 1990 UK reissue of "Creatures". Tracks 14-16 was the band's unreleased first demo, recorded January 1981 in Winnipeg. This was right before they changed their name from Le Kille. I still find it baffling that no one's released a proper discography of these guys. 

1. Vampire's Dream
2. Mrs. Palmer
3. Twilight's Last Gleaming
4. The Advocate
5. Creatures For Awhile
6. Double Take
7. Namedropper
8. People In Glass
9. Losing Time
10. Empty Sky
11. Waiting
12. Wonder What They're Thinking
13. Shotgun
14. Sundays
15. Burning Rain
16. On The Sidewalk Bleeding
17. Fashions (Bonus Track)

UPDATE 3.25.15
I added an extra song, "Fashions" taken from the pre-production demo for "Creatures". I don't know why the band didn't put it on the album because it's a ripper. Big thanks to Ken for the hook up!

July 8, 2013

CURIOUS GEORGE - Children Of A Common Mother LP (1989)

This record was a recent blind purchase. I had only heard this local act previously through the 'Canuck-Core' compilation. They basically sound like what a Canadian skate-punk band in the late 80's would sound like. So yeah, there's a definite SNFU influence here. Songs about the Socred Party, safe sex and credit cards may seem dated, but then again so are songs about Ronald Reagan. One of their guitarists currently plays in The Authorities, the early 80's SoCal band that brought you the classic hit single "I Hate Cops". You can listen to this entire album over at CBC Music.
1. Pit Bull Attack
2. Bonehead
3. Safe Sex
4. It's The 70s Again
5. Canadian National Front
6. Better Dead Than Socred
7. Charge It
8. She Belongs To Me
9. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
10. Punks Go Camping
11. Johnny's Joy Ride

July 1, 2013

YOUNG CANADIANS - Live Radio Broadcast (1979)

Happy Canaduh Day, hosers! What better way to celebrate it than with a rare live set by the band formerly known as the K-Tels? Tracks 1, 5 and 18 later appeared on their discography CD, 'No Escape'. According to the liner notes on that disc, they were recorded for radio broadcast at Gary Taylor's Rock Room in the summer of 1979. A lot of these songs were never recorded in a studio. I assume if they were they would have been released by now, right? The videos below aren't from the same set, but they were also recorded live at Gary Taylor's in '79 and are around about the same sound quality.

1. Wait For Your Approval
2. No Escape
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. The Remainder
6. Hulabaloo Girls
7. Come See About Me (The Supremes)
8. Don't Tell Me
9. Automan
10. Palisades Park (Freddie Cannon)
11. Sharpshooter
12. Where Are You
13. Something Else (Eddie Cochran)
14. I Hate Music
15. Looking Out My Window
16. Can't Be Denied
17. Hawaii
18. Fuck Your Society
19. C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran)
20. I Can't Control Myself (The Troggs)

June 25, 2013

THUMBSCREW - Demo tape (1993)

I had only previously heard this short-lived HC band through their contribution to the 'Wade Free Vancouver' comp that I posted a few weeks back. Their song 'Assimilate' was taken from this demo, which I've finally heard in it's entirety for the first time when it was lent to me recently. There's a few rough spots on this cassette, but considering it's twenty years old I guess that's to be expected. Members of this band would later go on to play in local acts such as Strain, Capone, Pipebomb, The Spitfires, By A Thread, and I'm sure many more. 
1. Foes
2. Selfishness
3. Primetime
4. Assimilate
5. Cop Out

June 16, 2013

DOUG AND THE SLUGS - Too Bad single (1980)

Since today is Father's Day, I thought I'd post the debut single of my late Dad's favorite band, Doug And The Slugs. I can't listen to these guys and not think about him. Unfortunately, most of the band's discography was never released on CD, with the exception of a 'Best Of' compilation, Slugology 101. So once I bought my first USB turntable, I had plans of buying of their all of their back catalog on vinyl and ripping them to CD for him to replace his old worn out cassettes. I never got around to finding them all before he passed away from cancer in January 2009, but I know he appreciated the effort. He was stoked when I burnt him a CD-R of Shel Silverstien's "Freakin' At The Freakers Ball", something he only had on a dubbed tape until I found a beat up copy of the record for his birthday one year.

I bought this single for a buck, mainly for the B-Side. I never listened to the A-Side because I assumed this version of "Too Bad" was same version that we all know and love. It wasn't until I read on their website that these two songs were from their first recording session in September 1979.

"This original single recording (with "The Move" on the back) was produced as a 45rpm and, unfortunately, the original master tape was recycled following the pressing. The version of "Too Bad" that most of us hear today was a new recording done in May 1980 when RCA distributed the Slugs' first album."

So that means this single won't be getting reissued anytime soon, then again neither is the rest of their discography it seems. While I guess you can say the newer version of 'Too Bad' is bit better than this one, it's cool to hear some now rare stuff from this band. That is, if you're a fan like I am. The song on the flipside, "The Move" is pretty good tune as well, and gets props for mentioning the Lions Gate Bridge. I'm sure if you go into any record store in the Vancouver area, you'll find this 7". Happy Father's Day!

1. Too Bad
2. The Move

June 9, 2013

VA - Wade-Free Vancouver: The Club Grotesque Compilation CD (1993)

Listening to this comp is sorta like digging up a time capsule of the punk, hardcore and alternative music scene in Vancouver(and Greater Vancouver area) 20 years ago. Like most CDs that came out in the 80's and 90's, I found this disc pretty quiet compared to the newer released music on my itunes. So I thought I'd "remaster" it for y'all. In others words, using Audacity to amplify the tracks. Enjoy.

June 3, 2013

GRAVE MISTAKE - Baba Yaga's Revenge tape (1992)

While I remember seeing this Maple Ridge band's name on flyers back in the day, I never saw them live. In fact I never heard their recordings until I received this demo last week. There is definitely an early 90's sound here, but at the same time you can tell they weren't trying to sound like anyone else. I was told they also recorded two other demos as well. Members from Grave Mistake later went on to play in other local bands such as The New Town Animals and The Spitfires, to name a few.

***UPDATE NOVEMBER 12, 2019***
I finally have an 'official' copy of this cassette so I decided to rip it and replace the original one I posted as it was taken from a 2nd generation tape. I think it sounds a bit better. Thanks Rob Hope for the 'new' tape and thanks again Shay for hooking me up with the dubbed tape back in 2013!
1. Billy's Fishing Trip
2. Green Goose
3. Survivors Of Incest Anonomys
4. Repus
5. The Ultimat Happy Song
6. Dimendark
7. Could Have Said Hello
8. Fields
9. Hunch

May 29, 2013

NECROS - Early Days EP (1991)

Picked up this bootleg 7" on my last trip to Seattle a few months back. It's not in the best shape, but since it's a rough recording anyways I don't think anyone will notice. I don't know why this demo was never officially released, personally I think it sounds better than their "Sex Drive" EP. 
1. Police Brutality
2. Raw To The Bone
3. Your Version Of What I Think
4. Rip-Off (Sham 69)
5. Better Never Than Late
6. Caste System
7. What Have We Got? (Sham 69)

May 5, 2013

CAT'S GAME - Home Sweet Home single (1990)

I've had a few people ask me to upload this 7". I actually didn't even own it until this weekend when I found it at Zulu for a whopping two dollars. I knew about this band from the Wade Free Vancouver comp, but never heard this single until yesterday. They put out two full length tapes, but I do believe this was their only vinyl release. The frontman Ron (RIP), used to sing in Active Glands and their bass player Ben Hughes later joined Brand New Unit.
1. Alien
2. Home Sweet Home


May 2, 2013

ADVERSITY - Lost It All LP (1988)

Late 80's crossover hardcore from Vancouver. I don't really know anything about this band and there's isn't any information on them on the interwebs either. Besides this album, which was put out by the UK label Manic Ears Records, their only other release was a 1986 demo tape. They also appeared some compilations, a few of which can be found on here.
1. Wasted Life
2. The Jester
3. Destinized
4. Religions For Sale
5. No More Wars
6. Smash The Odds
7. Lost It All
8. Total Extremes
9. Metaphysics
10. Fight Back
11. Angel Of Bread

April 23, 2013

VA - Undergrowth 85 tape (1985)

I wish I could take credit for ripping this tape, but unfortunately I don't even own it. I actually got it off Soulseek, but whoever originally uploaded it did a pretty decent job. It used to be available on the O CANADARM! blog (where I stole the images from), but the D/L link is dead. Like Undergrowth 84, this compilation is a pretty good mix of punk, new romantic, industrial and experimental type stuff, most of it not found anywhere else.
1. House Of Commons - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
2. NG3 - Nuclear Death
3. AKOB - Pogo Blues
4. AKOB - 5 Finger Discount Blues
5. Bill Of Rights - Surfrenzy
6. Bill Of Rights - The Unknown Surfer
7. Bad Attitude - Sinking Time
8. Otis Dog - Welfare Punks
9. Mecca Normal - Are You Hungry Joe?
10. Shanghai Dog - American Desert (Acoustic)
11. Sore Heads - Teenage Crimewave
12. The Krauts - America
13. Sexual Infections - Shock Therapy 
14. Active Glands - I'll Be Me
15. Immoral Minority - No Toys For You
16. Celebrity Drunks - Lift Up That Dress
17. Emily - Fuck That Dog
18. Industrial Waste Banned - Thank You For The Hole In My Head
19. Idyle And Undesirable - Kamikaze
20. MIA - Louise
21. Beauty Foundation - The Party
22. Stab 'Em In The Abdomen - Memories Of Kilgore
23. Belgianiques - Looking At You
24. Ominous Cinema - Stand In The Sun
25. A Merry Cow - Bed In The Gutter
26. Electric Purple Carrot - Boredom
27. Blood BBQ - Eye Got You Babe
28. Sam - I Am Hitler's Son

April 15, 2013

VA - The Phil Smith Album (1983)

Bought this local compilation sealed at Zulu Records, which is kinda funny because it was also the debut release on the Zulu Records label. Actually... that isn't really funny at all. Anyways, all of the bands on here feature the record's namesake, Phil Smith and also include future and former members of other Vancouver groups such as the Dishrags, Pointed Sticks, Modernettes, Subhumans, etc. 
Taken from the Bloodied But Unbowed page,

"Wasted Lives were formed in November 1978 by singer Phil Smith, guitarist Colin Griffiths, and bassist Mary-Jo Kopechne (Mary Armstrong). Guitarist Brad Kent was a founding member of the band, but left to join the Avengers. Phil Smith was a journalist writing for Simon Fraser University’s The Peak; he also contributed to SnotRag and Public Enemy. Wasted Lives disintegrated in summer 1979 when Mary-Jo joined the Modernettes; but not before they recorded the incendiary proto-hardcore tune Wirehead for the Vancouver Complication album. In October, they released the posthumous single, Divorce b/w False Hopes, on their own Spoken Records label. The single’s B-side was actually credited to Big Black Puppets, an ad-hoc combo consisting of Phil and Mary with Bill Napier-Hemy on guitar and Dimwit (credited as Ed Norton) on drums.

Phil Smith acted as the manager of The Dishrags during 1980. In 1981, he fronted the Doors spoof Jimbo & The Lizard Kings, one of many bands operating within the Bud Luxford stable of “fuck bands.” Smith formed his next serious project, Corsage, with childhood friend Bill-Napier Hemy. In November 1981, Corsage released the cassette Rome Burns, Corsage Sings, which included the song Shame I Feel. Corsage continued throughout 1982-84 with various musicians. In March 1983, the best selections of Smith’s various projects were released on The Phil Smith Album, the debut release of the new Zulu Records label, and a music video was shot for The Shame I Feel. Phil Smith and Bill Napier-Hemy continue to record and perform together from time to time, usually under the Corsage moniker."

1. Blanche Whitman - Dark Ages
2. Corsage - Grecian Formula
3. Blanche Whitman - (Someone) Watching Over Me
4. Corsage - The Shame I Feel
5. Wasted Lives - Undercover
6. Corsage - Force Beyond Control
7. Jimbo And The Lizard Kings - Coming For You, Little Girl
8. Corsage - I'm Nothin'
9. Wasted Lives - Wirehead
10. Blanche Whitman - Sleep Sleep Sleep
11. Corsage - I'm A Lion
12. Corsage - Rome