December 28, 2015


VIOLENT REACTION - Marching On (Revelation)
BISHOPS GREEN - A Chance To Change (Rebellion)
ROTTEN UK - Punk Cult Fetish (Jelly Music Inc.)
NIGHT PROWLER - Stalin's Boots (Kram)
NO - Treating People Like They Don't Exist (La Vida Es Un Mus)
RULETA RUSA - Eurotour 12" (Trabuc)
CHAIN RANK - Up Against The Wall (self-released)
TOE TAG - Hide The Knives (Conundrum Media)
PRIMITIVE PACT - Acid Rain (self-released)
PARASYTES - Demo 2015 (Runstate Tapes)
PARASYTES - Straight Jacket (Distort Reality)
NO PROBLEM - Kid Killer (Taken By Surprise)
EVIL ARMY - Violence And War (Hells Headbangers)
SEXFACE - Village Life (Distort Reality)
NEU-RONZ - S/T (Adult Crash)
SECTA/DEAD HERO - Antisocial (Discos MMM)
DANZIG - Devil's Angels (AFM/Evilive)
URBAN SAVAGE - 4 Song EP (Savage)
V.A. - A Country Fit For Heroes (Artcore)
V.A. - Still No King (Disillusioned)
V.A. - Hardcore Gimme Some More (Beach Impediment)

YOUTH BRIGADE - Complete First Demo (Dischord)
ULTRA VIOLENT - Crime For Revenge (Video Disease)
RAZOR - Violent Restitution (Relapse)
SCHOOLLY D - PSK/Gucci Time (Get On Down)
SCHOOLLY D - The Essential Schoolly-D (Sony)
RAW POWER - Mine To Kill (F.O.A.D.)
REALLY RED - Teaching You The Fear (Alternative Tentacles)
DANGER - Demo 2012 (Runstate Tapes)

December 11, 2015

VA - Killed By Death Vol. 40 LP (1998)

Like it says on the cover, "strictly no english or american junk". Interesting bootleg comp of rare late 70's to early 80's punk rock, new wave and power pop from countries you may not have even expected from in that time period. Most of the groups on here are European, but South Africa and Argentina are also in the house. The reason I bought this record was for the two songs by Fræbbblarnir, one of Iceland's first punk bands (if not the first). I stumbled upon one of their gigs when I was in Reykjavik back in 2013 and thought they were amazing for a band that looked like a bunch of old college professors. I checked out all the local record shops for any of their back catalog, but no avail. But they aren't the only great band on here. I think my favourite song on this LP is 'Gilmore 77' by Spain's TNT. Amazing bass line!
1. PRLJAVO KAZALISTE - Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu
2. SKAMS - Konfirmationen
3. SKAMS - Södertull
4. TNT - Gilmore 77
5. JO SQUILLO ELETRIX - Skizzo, Skizzo
7. FRAEBBBLARNIR - Critical Bullshit
9. PLEEMOBIELZ - Dagenlang Balen
10. BIRTHWARD 82 - The Greatest War
11. BIRTHWARD 82 - Idiots Power
12. WILD YOUTH - Wat 'Bout Me
13. WILD YOUTH - Radio Youth
14. SLEEPY SLEEPERS - Anarkiaa Karjalassa
16. FORT & GAELI - Enveiskommunikasjon
17. UHF - Cacada
18. STRYCHNINE - Pas Facile
19. BUCKS - That kind Of Ohohoh
20. REMO VOOR - Toilet Love
21. TOLLWUT - Seuchen
22. POBEL - Es Lebe Hoch Die Perversion
23. POBEL - Scheiβ Auf's Bundesheer
24. LOS VIOLADORES - Mirando La Guerra Por TV
24. LOS VIOLADORES - Represion

December 1, 2015

SOCIALCIDE - Sick Of The Pressure EP (2007)

Since I just posted this band's awesome 'Burn In Hell Bundy' 7-inch, I figured I may as well post their equally awesome demo. Originally released on cassette in 2006, this is from the vinyl version that came out a year after. They even pay homage to fellow Virginians White Cross with a cover of 'Jump Up'.
1. No End
2. Another Headache
3. Your Lost Cause
4. Morning Disaster
5. Sick Of The Pressure
6. World Of Hate
7. Jump Up

November 25, 2015

SOCIALCIDE - Burn In Hell, Bundy EP (2007)

Here's a rager I picked up last weekend for $3. Great fast early 80's style USHC, the way your momma used to make. I just love the guitar tone on this record. The first 20 seconds of the opening track is one of the best intros in hardcore, in my humble opinion. 8 songs in 9 minutes, what more do you need?

1. Socialcide
2. Oldhead Fuckhead
3. Kill A Junkie
4. Thoughts Of My Future
5. Burn In Hell, Bundy
6. Suicide (NY Wolfpack)
7. Follow The Herd
8. We Aren't Impressed

November 4, 2015

VA - America's Dairyland tape (1983)

I ripped this from a recently released bootleg copy of this '83 scene report from Wisconsin. Like most tape comps from this era, the sound quality varies as a lot of these songs are demo and rehearsal recordings. Some of these bands weren't even around long to actually release anything so this comp is the only place to hear them. 

October 12, 2015

VA - Richmond Burning tape (2014)

Great cassette-only compilation of newer bands from Richmond, Virginia (not B.C.). A little something for everyone here, if you're into punk, hardcore or garage, that is.

1. SLUGZ - On The Floor
2. ANIMAL PLANET - Urban Champion
3. THE NERVOUS TICKS - Food From A Can
5. OMEGA BOYS - Mind Your Rights
6. CHRISTI - Popsicle
7. ASYLUM - Legions
9. CRETINS - Bone Thrower
10. BARGE - Live For Pain
12. SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS - The Rats Jumped Ship

September 18, 2015

VA - Raging Hardcore Shot CD (1998)

Talk about a score! I found this Japanese comp in the used bin for $4 at Vancouver's newest record store, Hits And Misses.
1. NO SIDE - Free
2. NO SIDE - Usual Life (In This Town)
3. NO SIDE - Pecker Head Kill Kill
4. TOTAL FURY - Stand
5. TOTAL FURY - High Time
6. TOTAL FURY - Tie Me Up
7. TOTAL FURY - Street Smart
8. TOTAL FURY - Jalopy
9. ONE TRAP - 誰にも何も言わせねえ
10. ONE TRAP - いつまでも
11. ONE TRAP - 今のままで
12. ENLARGE - Rather Tired
13. ENLARGE - Outcasts
14. ENLARGE - The Game
15. ENLARGE - Lick Up
16. NICE VIEW - Mental Set
17. NICE VIEW - Smart Way
18. NICE VIEW - 後悔
19. NICE VIEW - Grope For Answer
20. NICE VIEW - Fanatic You
21. SMASH YOUR FACE - Blood In The High!
22. SMASH YOUR FACE - Haggard Dog
23. SMASH YOUR FACE - Kick Out!

September 3, 2015

FIX MY HEAD - S/T EP (2008)

Don't let the awful cover fool you, this 7" is 7 songs of straight up in your face, no-frills hardcore. This bay area band followed up this EP with another great 7" titled 'Empty Slogans'(which featured my favourite song of theirs, Natural Causes) as well as a split 12" with Poland's Knife In The Leg. Criminally underrated in my opinion. 
1. Garbage Existence
2. Machine
3. Life Is Swell
4. Fuck Evan
5. Swirling Vortex
6. I Sharted My Pantaloons
7. Beat Me Down

August 13, 2015

PRIMITIVE PACT - Acid Rain demo tape (2015)

UK82 worship from NYC. Been a fan of this band since I first heard their 2012 demo. They also have out a four song 7" EP that's a total ripper. I don't usually post new stuff on here but I haven't seen it anywhere else online and I think the physical copies are all pretty much sold out. My copy is from the Ukrainian repress. 
1. Acid Rain
2. Chaos Forever
3. Podrido
4. Demons
5. Function In Fear
6. Mutilated

July 1, 2015

VA - Smash The State Vol. 2 LP (1996)

I've been looking for this comp for a while now and was stoked to find a clean copy recently that wasn't too expensive. The main reason I wanted it was for the Private School EP, although all the bands on here are pretty good. All of these 7"s are still out of print, with the exception of the Spys' single which was reissued by Ugly Pop a couple of years ago. Happy Canaduh Day, hosers!

1. LOWLIFE - Leaders
2. LOWLIFE - White Lightning
3. LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally
4. SPYS - Underground
5. SPYS - Machine Shop
6. PRIVATE SCHOOL - Money, Guns And Power
8. PRIVATE SCHOOL - I Wanna Know
10. SILICONE INJECTION - Kids Are People Too
11. SILICONE INJECTION - Payday On Friday
13. SILICONE INJECTION - At War With Peace
15. MALIBU KENS - Crude City
16. MALIBU KENS - Wednesday Morning At 5:00 As The Day Begins
17. WASTED LIVES - Divorce
18. BIG BLACK PUPPETS - False Hopes

June 11, 2015

VA - Across The Pond Compilation tape (2014)

Here's a great place to start if you're looking to check out what's been going on in the UKHC scene the last few years. All of the bands on here can be found on Bandcamp if you want to hear more. If I had one complaint about this tape it would be that Arms Race isn't on it. But don't let that stop you.

May 24, 2015

N.O.T.A. - Moscow EP (1984)

N.O.T.A. are one of those bands I've heard of for years but only knew a few of their songs through compilations. These guys don't seem to be talked about as much as their peers, probably because most of their back catalog has never been reissued. Or because they were from Tulsa and not say, D.C., L.A. or even Austin perhaps? Instead of waiting for some sort of CD discography type thing to come out, I decided to track down a copy of what I think is their best release. Luckily I found one in great shape that didn't set me back too much. All four songs on here are great, but the title song is an underrated classic.


April 26, 2015

VA - Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1 CD (2005)

Here we have a great compilation of early Canadian punk rock put out by the long abandoned Punk History Canada page. This disc is full of mostly obscure bands from Victoria, British Columbia to St John's, Newfoundland and almost everywhere in between. Many of these songs were previously unreleased and/or appearing on CD for the first time. I know there was talk of making a Volume 2, but considering this came out a decade ago and the PHC site hasn't been updated in almost as long, I don't think it's ever happening.
1. HOUSE OF COMMONS - Way Down South
2. UNKNOWNS - Teenage Terrorist
3. D.O.A. - Royal Police
4. DA SLYME - Crazy Glue
5. WARSAW - Do Like The Natives
6. THE ACTION - TV's On The Blink
7. TEENAGE HEAD - You're Tearing Me Apart
8. BUREAUCRATS - She's An American
9. ZRO4 - Gimmie Attention
10. 63 MONROE - Media Junkie
11. SLANDER - Petticoat Junction
13. LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally
14. SINNERS - No Brains Required 
16. ANIMAL KINGDOM - Tension
17. STARK NAKED AND THE FLESHTONES - I Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm
18. EXTROVERTS - Living In Poverty
19. 222'S - Hold UP
21. GENTLEMEN OF HORROR - Overhead Projector
22. NOSTRILS - I'm Vile
23. HOT NASTIES - Get Away From Me

April 2, 2015

VA - A Compilation Dedicated To Tim Yohannan LP (2000)

Great bootleg comp featuring lesser known USHC bands from the 80's, and some we all know and love. A few of the songs were much quieter than others so I tried to even out the volume throughout the entire record as much I could. A few of these cuts can also be found on the old school HC mix I put together back in 2012. I was almost going to post this comp as one big long track I like I did for that mix (or two tracks - one for each side), but decided to splice it up because I know I'd be irritated if someone posted this LP like that. Hahaha

March 22, 2015

SIGGY MAGIC AND THE HEY-HO BAND - Commercials For Free EP (1978)

Like the previous post, this was ripped (and scanned) from the Smash The State Vol. 3 LP. The original may very well be the most rare and expensive Vancouver punk 7" as only 200 copies were pressed. This EP was the soundtrack to the 1978 short film, "Commercials For Free". You can view it as a bonus feature in the special edition version of the Bloodied But Unbowed DVD. It's worth watching just to see old footage of Vancouver and an early Subhumans performance. There's one track not included from the original 7", an acoustic number called 'People Who Cheated Me'. I guess the folks who were putting together the Smash The State comp felt it wasn't punk enough to include on there. Click HERE to listen to the EP in it's entirety. Guess which DOA song the title track has a bunch of riffs stolen from!
1. Commercials For Free
2. Tooth Decay
3. Passive & Blue

March 12, 2015


Considered to be Montreal's first skinhead band. This 7" was recorded live off the floor in one take. Long out of print, I ripped this EP from the compilation, "Smash The State Vol. 3" as I don't own the original. I was going to post the entire LP, but unfortunately my copy has some skips in it that affect a few of the songs. Besides, two of the bands on that record, Gentlemen Of Horror and The Bureaucrats have been recently reissued so I probably would've had to take it down anyways. You can read more about The Discords from their bio on Kill From The Heart.
2. Dead Cubans
3. Kill The Rich
4. NDG

February 3, 2015

VA - Vancouver Independence LP (1980)

Interesting compilation showcasing the local underground music scene of the late 70's/early 80's ranging from punk to new wave to experimental type stuff. It goes without saying that the best band on here is the Subhumans. This record is long out of print but isn't too hard to track down at a somewhat reasonable price.

1. SUBHUMANS - Behind The Smile
2. METROS - Don't Like It At All
3. SI MONKEY - The Conquest Of Daytime
4. NO EXIT - No Excuse
5. DROOGS - Nuremberg '34
6. B-SIDES - Spy Vs Spy
7. M.E.C. - What Would You Say?
8. B-SIDES - Underground Radio Stars
9. DROOGS - J.K.O.
10. NO EXIT - Nothing New
11. SI MONKEY - Get Rigid
12. SUBHUMANS - Out Of Line
13. METROS - In With The Crowd
14. SINGING COWBOYS - Midnight Cowboys

January 20, 2015

SUBHUMANS - Incorrect Thoughts LP (1980)

I think it's safe to say this record is not only my favourite Canadian punk rock album, but one of my favourite punk rock albums, period. This was ripped from the original out of print 1980 Friends Records mix, not the unauthorized 'reissue' from 1985. You know, the one with the different artwork, track listing and remixed songs? So this one doesn't include 'Behind The Smile' and 'Out Of Line', but I'll be posting the Vancouver Independence LP next so relax. 
1. The Big Picture
2. Dead At Birth
3. Firing Squad
4. We're Alive
5. Urban Guerrillas
6. The Scheme
7. War In The Head
8. Model Of Stupidity
9. Death To The Sickoids
10. New Order
11. Slave To My Dick
12. Refugee
13. Greaser Boy
14. Let's Go Down To Hollywood (And Shoot People)

January 6, 2015

PERSONALITY CRISIS - Live At The Calgarian (1981-82)

What better way to kick off 2015 than with not one but two live gigs by Personality Crisis? The sound quality isn't too bad, "Piss On You" cuts off at the end and someone accidentally records herself about nine seconds into "Burning Rain". But hey, who cares? Too bad a lot of these songs were never officially released. Tracks 1-14 were recorded sometime in July 1981, and the rest were recorded sometime in 1982. No exact date given. Track titles aren't 100% either, so if anyone knows the correct song names, let me know!

1. Machine 
2. Sick Of You
3. Search & Destroy
4. You Don't Interest Me
5. Broken Toys
6. Don't Rape Yourself
7. Demolition Girl
8. Shotgun
9. Wild Game
10. Twilight's Last Gleaming
11. Losing Time
12. Piss On You
13. Plum Coulee Blues
14. Burning Rain
15. Broken Toys
16. The Look
17. Vampire's Dream
18. Plum Coulee Blues
19. Paintings
20. Demolition Girl
21. Intoxication
22. Fashions
23. Bliss In Black
24. The Jam
25. You Don't Interest Me
26. [unknown title]
27. People In Glass