December 31, 2011

My picks for 2011

SPEEDWOLF - Ride With Death (Hells Headbangers)
U.X. VILEHEADS - Hardcore XI (Adult Crash)
CÜLO - Life Is Vile... And So Are We (Deranged)
NO PROBLEM - And Now This (Deranged)
BEASTIE BOYS - Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 (Capitol)
VACANT STATE - Fill The Void (Deranged)
DENIAL FIEND - Horror Holocaust (Ibex Moon)
CRUEL FORCE - Under The Sign Of The Moon (Heavy Forces)
BURNING SONS - Reduced To Equality (Mystic)
BRADYS PROBLEM - Bradys Problem (Crastyass)

MAJOR DAMAGE - Major Damage (Even Worse)
NUKKEHAMMER - Soviet Rust Belt (Solar Funeral)
IMPALERS - Impalers (Todo Destruido)
CÜLO/TENEMENT - Split (Cowabunga)
CRUEL FORCE - Ancient Black Spirit (Heavy Forces)
BLOODY HAMMER - When In Rome (Bat Shit)

VOID - Sessions 1981-83 (Dischord)
FAITH - Subject To Change Plus First Demo (Dischord)
BY A THREAD - By A Thread (Revelation)
POISON IDEA - Darby Crash Rides Again (TKO)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Nothing Will Stand In Our Way (Taang!)
SAURON - Thrash Assault (Planet Metal)
ACCÜSED - Nasty Cuts: The Best Of The Nastymix Years (Unrest)

December 18, 2011

ASSAULT - Survival In The Street CD (1987)

Assault were a Vancouver speed metal band who recorded a few demos and this one album. I got this CD off ebay for a fairly reasonable price. Since it was only released on vinyl and cassette back in the day, it's obviously a bootleg. It was put out by a Spanish 'label' called Strike Force Records in 2005, but they did a great job because it doesn't sound like it was taken from the record. Maybe they had access to the original masters or just ripped it from cassette, who knows.

1. Survival In The Street
2. Thunder Road
3. I.C.U.C.
4. Shuffle Off The Buffalo
5. Fight To Win
6. The Fire Within
7. Misery
8. Let The Beast Run Wild

December 5, 2011

VA - Do Not Open Till Christmas tape (1986)

Here's my obligatory Xmas post. This comp originally came out on cassette in 1986 and featured mostly unreleased songs from Pacific Northwest bands. Someone burned it onto a CD-R, which I picked up at Red Cat Records a few years ago. Bit of a weird mix, but I'll take this over the shitty holiday CD's they sell at Starbucks. I don't really get what Slow's version of 'Hair Of The Dog' by Nazareth has to do with Xmas, but who cares?

Side One 1985
1. Shanghai Dog - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
2. No Fun - No Fun At Christmas
3. Bolero Lava - This Little Boy
4. The Spores - Christmas Jeers
5. The Grapes Of Wrath - Happy Christmas (The War Is Over)
6. Der Blitzen - O Tannenbaum
7. 54/40 - Christmas Time
8. The Reptiles - Merry Christmas

Side Two 1986
9. The Subterraneans - You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch
10. Slow - Hair Of The Dog
11. Green River - Away In A Manger
12. The Soreheads - You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch
13. No Fun - Xtoovvvvv
14. A Merry Cow - Don't Believe In Christmas
15. Zamboni Drivers - Jesus Christ
16. The Reptiles - Christmas Heat

December 2, 2011

SAURON - Prepare To Die demo (2003)

From their Myspace page,

"Sauron stands in opposition to "clean" and "professional." Thrash metal is, was, and always will be dirty, violent, and evil. If we wanted to be professional musicians, we would be playing shitty covers of crappy blues and classic rock songs in bars full of idiots who know nothing about music. Or we'd be trying to make it big playing catchy pop music of some sort. Our shows are intended to be fast and loose. Attitude and energy matter a lot more than tightness. We strictly tune to "good enough for thrash." We're usually drunk when we play, and our fans wouldn't have it any other way. If you have a problem with this, go fuck yourself. If you don't like our music, go fuck yourself. If you don't like the fact that we have songs about Satan and the Lord of the Rings, go fuck yourself. Our releases come out when they are ready to. They take forever because a) we have other shit to do, b) we want them to be as good as they can be, and c) we're busy drinking. Deal with it. We're broke, so we don't have the best gear. In fact, it's all pretty much crap that we bought on the cheap or were given. At least we are better off than the old days, when we had our own guitars and drums and just borrowed everything else. Again, deal with it. We came here to thrash. Fuck off and die!"

This demo tape came out a year before their debut CD, "Thrash Assault", which I recommend if you're into bands like Kreator, Destruction and Bathory. Shortly after I posted this, I discovered Planet Metal Records has just reissued 'Thrash Assault'. As a bonus, they've included this demo and an unreleased song, "March Of The Vandals". So do yourself a favor and buy that shit and while you're at it, check out their 2nd album 'Satanic Assassins' on Witches Brew.

1. Prepare To Die
2. Bestial Warlust
3. Unholy Art
4. Thrash 'til Death
5. The Return Of Darkness And Evil (Bathory)