February 22, 2014


Criminally underrated Vancouver hardcore made up of ex members of Fratricide, Career Suicide, Sludge and Soldiers Of Misfortune. This 7" was the band's only release in their 12 year (off and on) existence. They did record eight more songs for a second release, but that still has yet to see the light of day unfortunately.
1. Hell Is Alive
2. Splitfinger Fastball
3. Two Black Guns
4. Knives Of Twilight

February 2, 2014

THE DOLE - dogsdon'tknowit'snotbacon tape (1995)

Listening to this demo brings me back to seeing bands at the Old American Hotel (now the Electric Owl) on weekends in the mid 90's. No cover, cheap pints and a shitty PA = good times! For $20, I could take the skytrain there and back, get drunk and even grab a slice of pizza on the way home. That's where I saw The Do£e play their very first show. I think this tape was recorded before they even played live because I'm pretty sure I bought it that same night. Their only other output was a two song 7" released a couple years later with a different line up. One song from that single, "Working Poor" can also be found on the compilation, "Oi! Let's Go Canada!". 
1. Never Before
2. Quiet Boy
3. Red Tape
4. 15 And Drunk
5. Bitch
6. Beer Is Good For You