March 22, 2016

CRUEL FORCE - Ancient Black Spirit single (2011)

Blackened thrash metal from Germany. This 7" single came out before the band's 2nd LP, "Under The Sign Of The Moon". The A-side is a different recording than the album version, while the on the flip side you get a badass cover of a NWOBHM classic. As a bonus I also added their cover of Bathory's "Return Of Darkness And Evil", which was only available on the first vinyl pressing of UTSOTM. The song is not included on the CD version or the 2013 vinyl reissue.
1. Ancient Black Spirit
2. Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust)
3. The Return Of Darkness And Evil (Bathory) [BONUS TRACK]

March 8, 2016

RAMMER - Siege Of Madness LP (2014)

I first heard this Toronto thrash band back in 2003 when I saw them open for S.T.R.E.E.T.S. at the Cobalt, and I was a fan ever since. They put out one album and a bunch of EP's in their 9 year existence before splitting up in 2008. This here is their 'lost' album that they recorded sometime in the mid-00's but was never released until two years ago when 100 copies were put out for Record Store Day. I think the delay had something to do with the band waiting for the cover art, which is why these had silk-screened covers made from inside-out record sleeves. It would be cool to see this album get the proper release it deserves one of these days, until then here it is.

1. State Of Decay
2. Obliteration WWVI
3. Cryptocracy
4. A Questionable Obsession With The Recently Deceased
5. Tyrants Apocalypse
6. Wolfcult Chernobyl
7. Death Shark
8. A Way Back From Hell
9. Following The Abyss
10. Siege Of Madness 

March 1, 2016


Okay, time for some long overdue Canadian content. I just realized I haven't posted anything local since last July. Since I've posted so much other early Vancouver punk on here, you'd think I'd have posted this record ages ago. Well, I would have if I had it. This is one of those albums I've seen around for years but never picked up because even battered copies were so expensive. I finally decided to bite the bullet and I found a near mint one online, since I don't think it's getting reissued anytime soon.

Randy Rampage recorded this solo project shortly after leaving DOA in '82, enlisting help from his friends Chuck Biscuits, Zippy Pinhead and Brad Kent(RIP). More about this record and Randy's early bands can be found on the Bloodied But Unbowed page. 
1. Cheap Tragedies (The Avengers)
2. Don't Be Afraid
3. The Last Song
4. Livin' On Borrowed Time
5. Why, Why, Why?