October 18, 2016

JACKSHIT - Hicktown EP (1984)

Goofball hardcore from Reno, Nevada. This band featured Steve Youth from 7 Seconds on bass (and Kevin Seconds on backup vox) so I'm not sure if this was some sort of fuck band or side project. Some of the lyrics are a tad un-PC which is maybe why it's never been reissued, who knows? 
1. Hicktown
2. We Still Like Drugs
3. Champagne For Breakfast
4. E.T. Go Home
5. Gimpy
6. Keys In The Car

October 10, 2016

GAUZE - City Rockers EP (2003)

Bootleg 7" of this legendary Japanese HC band's first recording. Originally released on the 1982 compilation LP "City Rockers". At first listen, you'd never guess that this was same band that released "Fuckheads" only two years later. I think the track listing on the back of this record is missing a title "Warae" based on another Gauze bootleg I have. But then again, I could be wrong.
1. Drug Addict
2. Oi
3. Usagi
4. Senjyo
5. Syodokueki
6. Impotent Kids
7. Warae
8. Anti-Machine
9. Nouyaku / Chuseishi Bakudan

October 2, 2016

MASSACRE 68 - ¡No Estamos Conformes! LP (1990)

I discovered this Mexican band on Youtube a while back. I downloaded it off Soulseek but it was a pretty crappy sounding rip so I bought the LP online. My copy is a bootleg so I'm not sure how much better the original sounds. I'm guessing it's still a pretty raw recording no matter what, which is fine by me.
1. Un Día En Pekín
2. Tantos Días Tantos Años
3. Sistema Podrido
4. Ejército Nacional
5. Crimen Capitalista
6. Torturas
7. Masacre 68
8. No Estamos Conformes
9. Víctima Del Vicio
10. Policías Corruptos
11. Presos Políticos
12. Miseria
13. Elecciones
14. Ellos O Nosotros
15. Malditos Candidatos