November 21, 2011

SPEEDWOLF - Bark At The Poon demo (2009)

One of my favorite new bands right now. If you've never heard Speedwolf, they a play a mix of blackened speed, thrash and punk with vocals that remind me of a cross between Lemmy and Danzig (except on 'Death Ripper'). I got this four song cassette from the band themselves, and for a few extra bucks they threw in a CD-R of this demo plus two cover songs that aren't on the tape. They just released their debut full-length, "Ride With Death" on Hell's Headbangers. Definitely one of the best albums of 2011. If you like this demo, support these guys and buy the record!

1. Speedwolf
2. Time To Annihilate
3. Death Ripper
4. I Am The Demon
5. Witching Hour (Venom)
6. Cold Gin (Kiss)

November 10, 2011

VA - We're Not Contageous tape (2011)

Not much to say here, just a cassette-only compilation of some new underground hardcore. I'm pretty sure most of the songs on here are exclusive to this tape. In fact, I think even a few of the bands can only be found on here (for now). Lots of fun sound bites of old commercials and movies between the songs too. 
1. Dry Hump - Dry Hump
2. Male Nurses - Make Me Free
3. Cülo - Midnight Mind
4. Violent Night - Untamed Mind/Mad At The Streets
5. The Secret Prostitutes - Lelucon Sinis
6. Cülo - (unlisted track)
7. Dry Hump - We're Not Contageous
8. Reformed Homosexual - Nonsense
9. Sgt. Slaughter - Home Of The Strange
10. Long Pigs - Cut Off
11. Earth Pig - Dead End/No More Shock Treatment
12. The Secret Prostitutes - Gimmie Money
13. Male Nurses - Lude Boy (Social D)
14. Würm Tongue - Boot Lickers
15. Reformed Homosexual - Constant Strides

November 2, 2011

NO FUN - Fall For A Cliche EP (1978)

This is the long out of print first release by the self-proclaimed 'Beatles Of Surrey'. They formed in the mid 70's and were around in some shape or form for about 30 years, making them one of Vancouver's longest running groups. Although they were a part of the original local punk & new wave scene and appeared on the 1979 LP, "Vancouver Complication", they weren't a punk rock band. Still, listen to 'Now I Ain't Got No Face' below and tell me that isn't as punk as anything DOA or The Subhumans ever put out.
They followed up this EP with a couple more 7"s, then released a bunch of cassette-only albums on their own label, Werewolf T-Shirt Records. None of which have ever been re-issued, unfortunately. They were known for putting on themed events like their yearly 'No Fun At Christmas' gig. Singer/guitarist David M performs solo acoustic shows occasionally.

1. Fall For A Cliche
2. Interlute
3. Paisley Brain Bolts Of The Mind
4. Now I Ain't Got No Face
5. Planet
6. China Shop Raid