July 26, 2012

LEGION OF DOOM - Keep Asking Questions tape (1985)

Big thanks to Dan for lending me this tape! I've never heard these guys before, but it's cool checking out these obscure local bands. I tried looking them up online, but all I came across was a few mentions in MRR's Canadian scene report. 

"LEGION OF DOOM are a cool band who sound a bit like S.L.F. They're currently going through a little line-upchange and have got a really good tape out."

"With recruits from DEAD BOB & KINKY TRIBESEMEN and the old guitarist from IMMORAL MINORITY, Don. These guys have potential and are sounding good from recent practice. They play a mixture of '77 punk to now-a-days U.K. SUBS. They've got a couple gigs lined up and remain a four piece band."

1. Joe's New Boots
2. Broken Morals
3. Dance
4. Paradise Lost
5. Surfer Girl
6. Beware: The Slee Stacks
7. Legion Of Doom
8. Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire cover)

July 17, 2012


I saw this 7" in a local record recently selling for $25. If that isn't crazy enough, I just saw it online for $85! Is it because it's on red vinyl? Who knows. Anyways, The Dunderheads were a Vancouver punk rock band who were around for most of the 90's, but only released this 4 song EP and some demo tapes. "Equality" was taken from "We Are All Guilty: A Northwest Punk Compilation" LP.
1. Ghost Friend
2. 15 Seconds
3. Anxiety
4. The Station
5. Equality 

July 9, 2012

THE EFFIGIES - For Ever Grounded LP (1984)

After downloading nothing but crappy rips of this LP for years, I decided to try to track down the vinyl and rip it myself. It took me a while, but I was able to score a decent copy on ebay for under $20. Although I prefer the band's earlier material, this album does have some great songs. If you're not familiar with The Effigies, try to find "Remains Nonviewable", which compiles their first 3 EP's and a few songs off For Ever Grounded.

1. Smile!
2. A Tight And Blue Cut
3. Silent Burn
4. Patternless
5. What's The Beat
6. The Infiltrator 
7. Hand Signs
8. Rather See None
9. Coarse In Vain
10. Mob Clash
11. Something That...

July 1, 2012

SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Unreleased Demo & Live (1999)

This is what I like to call Soldiers Of Misfortune 'Mach II'. These are the recordings of the later line-up after the original band first split up in early '97. They were given to me by their singer, Pete on a 'Best Of' burnt CD that also included a few demo songs from "Pay Attention". 
Updated 11.26.16
Tracks 1-5 were from a rough demo recorded sometime in 1999. Track 2 was taken from a 2nd generation tape I recently found in my garage after I thought it was lost forever. 6-15 were from a live soundboard recording at The Columbia Hotel in Vancouver, also from '99. Again, like their earlier material, it's a shame these songs were never recorded in a proper studio and officially released.

1. Question
2. Alcoholic With A Gun
3. Division
4. Heritage
5. Thanks For Nothing
6. Who The Fuck...
7. Untitled
8. Strapped
9. Old Macdonald
10. I4NI
11. Everybody Dies
12. Raining Blood
13. Mommy
14. Average Joe
15. Something More