January 21, 2013

SUBHUMANS - Live In Edmonton (1995)

I found this tape at Joey Shithead's first ever punk rock garage sale, along with the Death Sentence demo. This was recorded during their mid-90's western Canadian reunion tour. Tracks 2,8,12,13,16,18 and 20 were released on their 1996 CD compilation, "Pissed Off... With Good Reason!". Track 11 is a reworking of '1977' by The Clash.

1. Death Was Too Kind
2. The Big Picture
3. Model Of Stupidity
4. Firing Squad
5. Out Of Line
6. Dead At Birth
7. Inquisition Day
8. I Gotta Move
9. Death To The Sickoids
10. Slave To My Dick
11. 1997
12. Canada's Favorite Sport
13. Escalator To Hell
14. No Productivity
15. Neat Neat Neat
16. I Hate Words
17. Urban Guerillas
18. Oh Canaduh
19. Pretty Vacant
20. 21st Century
21. Fuck You

January 7, 2013

NO REBATE - Dish Pig tape (1986)

Big thanks to Dave Spicer for "accidently" lending me this tape. It was actually supposed to be a live radio session by short-lived 80's Vancouver band NG3. Instead it was taped over with this demo from No Rebate. I've never heard of this Edmonton band before, and unfortunately I couldn't find much about them online. I do believe this is their sole recording. If you like skate punk with metal riffs (and who doesn't?), check it out. You can listen to most of it here. I also came across an interview with the band on Soundcloud.

1. Intro
2. Metal Maniac
3. God Loves You
4. Uncanny Weekend
5. Mind Buster
6. Skate Hate
7. No Rebate

January 1, 2013


What better way to kick off the new year than with some classic local crossover? The only reason I didn't post this ages ago is because there was at least two other blogs that had this split. Seems those links are now dead (fuckin' Multiupload), so here it is again. Thanks to Dan for the scans, especially Pushead's review from Thrasher magazine.
1. MISSION OF CHRIST - Nocturnal Serenade
2. MISSION OF CHRIST - Crypts Of Darkness
3. FRATRICIDE - Razor Piss
4. FRATRICIDE - Our Circled Adventure