March 22, 2015

SIGGY MAGIC AND THE HEY-HO BAND - Commercials For Free EP (1978)

Like the previous post, this was ripped (and scanned) from the Smash The State Vol. 3 LP. The original may very well be the most rare and expensive Vancouver punk 7" as only 200 copies were pressed. This EP was the soundtrack to the 1978 short film, "Commercials For Free". You can view it as a bonus feature in the special edition version of the Bloodied But Unbowed DVD. It's worth watching just to see old footage of Vancouver and an early Subhumans performance. There's one track not included from the original 7", an acoustic number called 'People Who Cheated Me'. I guess the folks who were putting together the Smash The State comp felt it wasn't punk enough to include on there. Click HERE to listen to the EP in it's entirety. Guess which DOA song the title track has a bunch of riffs stolen from!
1. Commercials For Free
2. Tooth Decay
3. Passive & Blue

March 12, 2015


Considered to be Montreal's first skinhead band. This 7" was recorded live off the floor in one take. Long out of print, I ripped this EP from the compilation, "Smash The State Vol. 3" as I don't own the original. I was going to post the entire LP, but unfortunately my copy has some skips in it that affect a few of the songs. Besides, two of the bands on that record, Gentlemen Of Horror and The Bureaucrats have been recently reissued so I probably would've had to take it down anyways. You can read more about The Discords from their bio on Kill From The Heart.
2. Dead Cubans
3. Kill The Rich
4. NDG