August 25, 2016

ELECTROCUTIONER - Wretch In Order tape (2016)

3rd release by this mystery L.A. band, only 100 copies made. I'm thinking this may only be a studio side project, as I can't find any info or pics of them online. Ugly vocals reminiscent of Japanese bands like GISM, Zouo and Gasmask, yet still catchy. At least to my ears. 

1. XX System
2. Charades
3. Like Pigs (K.T.P.I.Y.H.)
4. In Progress
5. Belligerents

August 16, 2016

TOE TAG - Hide The Knives MLP (2014)

The last time I posted anything by Toe Tag was August 2012. Since then, they've released a CD, "Here She Comes Again" in 2013 and this 10" at the beginning of last year. I think this record is their heaviest to date. They have a new album in the works so be on the lookout for that one soon.
1. Dead Blue Skies
2. Lay Down And Die
3. Hide The Knives
4. Looking For The Smell
5. Every Thousand Years (Instrumental)
6. Poop And Filth
7. Circling The Drain (Instrumental)
8. El Clipo

August 9, 2016

CÜLO - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down Demo EP (2013)

On Cülo's Myspace page(remember Myspace?!), they list only two bands as influences, The Ramones and Discharge. Which kinda sounds about right. This is the vinyl version of their 2nd demo tape, originally released in '09. I love that they used soundbites of Return Of The Living Dead, Rock & Roll High School and Repo Man between songs. Seems like bands don't do that enough anymore. 
1. Can't Grow Up
2. Black Livers
3. Solanum Suicide
4. Drained Brains
5. Go Blank
6. My Brain
7. Desperate For Dicks

August 1, 2016

SPEEDWOLF - Denver 666 single (2010)

Back in January, Speedwolf made an announcement on their Facebook page that they were pretty much done as a band, more or less. Shitty news, as I thought they were working on a new album. At least I got to see them live once. This 7" is now out of print and both songs off were re-recorded for their 'Ride With Death' LP. There used to be a music video for 'Denver 666' that had a guy doing a bunch of blow and turning into a werewolf, who then surfed on top of a van and went bowling like in Teen Wolf. Unfortunately it's no longer on Youtube. If you haven't yet already, check out their awesome demo "Bark At The Poon" that I posted back in 2011.
1. Denver 666
2. Hell And Back