August 1, 2016

SPEEDWOLF - Denver 666 single (2010)

Back in January, Speedwolf made an announcement on their Facebook page that they were pretty much done as a band, more or less. Shitty news, as I thought they were working on a new album. At least I got to see them live once. This 7" is now out of print and both songs off were re-recorded for their 'Ride With Death' LP. There used to be a music video for 'Denver 666' that had a guy doing a bunch of blow and turning into a werewolf, who then surfed on top of a van and went bowling like in Teen Wolf. Unfortunately it's no longer on Youtube. If you haven't yet already, check out their awesome demo "Bark At The Poon" that I posted back in 2011.
1. Denver 666
2. Hell And Back

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