November 25, 2015

SOCIALCIDE - Burn In Hell, Bundy EP (2007)

Here's a rager I picked up last weekend for $3. Great fast early 80's style USHC, the way your momma used to make. I just love the guitar tone on this record. The first 20 seconds of the opening track is one of the best intros in hardcore, in my humble opinion. 8 songs in 9 minutes, what more do you need?

1. Socialcide
2. Oldhead Fuckhead
3. Kill A Junkie
4. Thoughts Of My Future
5. Burn In Hell, Bundy
6. Suicide (NY Wolfpack)
7. Follow The Herd
8. We Aren't Impressed

November 4, 2015

VA - America's Dairyland tape (1983)

I ripped this from a recently released bootleg copy of this '83 scene report from Wisconsin. Like most tape comps from this era, the sound quality varies as a lot of these songs are demo and rehearsal recordings. Some of these bands weren't even around long to actually release anything so this comp is the only place to hear them.