August 26, 2019

VA - Van-Cover tape (1986)

Title pretty much says it all - local bands doing covers. This came out on the same label that released the 'Do Not Open Til Christmas' comp and featured a few of the same bands. 

August 9, 2019

MIELENHÄIRIÖ - 1985 LP (2011)

Complete recordings of this lesser known Finnish band from the mid 80's. Two members of this group would go on to form Klamydia, who are still active to this day. If you're into stuff like Kaaos, Pohjasakka and [insert pretty much any other 80's Finnish HC band], this might be up your alley as well.

August 5, 2019

CONFLICT(US) - Last Hour LP (1983)

Like Subculture, here's another under-appreciated slab of early 80's USHC. Ripped from the 2015 reissue, which I highly recommend picking up as it comes with a book chock full of pictures, gig flyers and an extensive band history.
1. Fester
2. Listen To The News
3. Bad Idea
4. Nails From The Sky
5. It's Easy
6. Not Guilty
7. Last Hour
8. Crawl Away
9. I Don't Kill
10. Tai
11. Human Cargo
12. Living Off Mom
13. American Woman
14. You Choose