September 14, 2012

VA - Meet Cafe tape (1984)

I can't believe it's been a year since I first started up this blog. Big thanks to Dan Walters for all his contributions, including this tape. Another cassette comp from the 80's, made up of mostly obscure (and weird) hardcore. The sound quality is kinda rough on a lot of the songs, but that's part of the charm. I think most of these tracks were unreleased, or maybe only previously available on demos. I know the Bill Of Rights song was from their first 7".

1. Fatal Existence - Oppressive Police
2. Fatal Existence - A Living Hell
3. Red Tide - Cruise Missile
4. Red Tide - Tomatarama
5. Red Tide - Reagan Sucks
6. Dead End - Sheep Don't Care
7. Dead End - World So Shit
8. Mere Mortals - Liquid Laugh
9. Mere Mortals - DO 2079
10. The Bill Of Rights - Drunk Government
11. Immoral Minority - Practice What You Preach
12. Immoral Minority - Madagascar
13. Silent Minority - Jazz Drums
14. Silent Minority - What Is Freedom
15. Polkaholics - Zap The Universe
16. Hates - Also Watched
17. Hates - Punk 1301
18. Hates - No Talk
19. Fatal Existence - Alienated
20. Fatal Existence - Grand Ol' Flag
21. Mere Mortals - Death's Door
22. Mere Mortals - Normal
23. Immoral Minority - They're Cowards
24. Immoral Minority - Die Democratic

September 7, 2012

TEN FEET TALL - Alive tape (1993)

I never saw these guys live, but I remember my old roommate playing the shit out of this tape back in the day. I got a copy a few years ago from their bass player Rob Hope when he was still working at Dutchman Tattoo.  
UPDATE August 29, 2019
I was never 100% happy with my original rip, so I was stoked when Rob recently hooked me up with a better copy of this tape (that also included a cover!). 

1. Livestock
2. Round Two
3. Onward
4. Not The Only One
5. Die By The Board
6. Alive / Winding Down
7. Lifelines
8. Pass Me A Beer