November 23, 2013


This was Fratricide's first demo, recorded in 1986 and originally intended to be on a split 12" with Holland's Neuroot on Pushead's Pusmort Records. For someone unknown reason, it was never released except for a few test pressings, which went for an arm and a leg. A few songs from this session did end up on a couple of Pusmort compilations. I've been wanting to post this record since I first started up this blog, but I didn't because it was still a new release. But now that it's over 3 years old, I'm sure anyone who wanted it has it by now. This was ripped from the red vinyl version that came with an alternate cover.
1. Blind Faith
2. Rip Wide The Sky
3. Blood Red Dream
4. Going Under
5. Grave
6. Final Solution
7. Beaten Senseless
DOWNLOAD (2010 reissue)

UPDATE 24.03.14
Big thanks to Ken Porter for sending me his rip of the original test pressing (Fratricide tracks only). These are a totally different mix than the 2010 reissue. 
DOWNLOAD (test pressing mix)

November 6, 2013

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live At The Farm (1986)

Another live Dayglos set from the Bay Area, this one recorded at the Farm in San Fran, on 10/25/1986. The sound is a bit rougher than the previous one I posted, but I thought it was worth putting up because it features the late Nev The Impaler on guitar. Rest In Peace. Also, Cretin wasn't on this tour so vocal duties were performed by Spud.

1. Argh Fuck Kill
2. Die Sinner Die
3. Bedtime Story
4. Stupid Songs
5. Religious Bumfucks
6. I Killed Mommy
7. I'm My Own God
8. My Girl
9. Dogfarts
10. Ronald McRaygun
11. Wake Up America
12. Proud To Be Canadian
13. Stupid World
14. Scared Of People
15. Black Sabbath
16. Dragons

November 1, 2013

VA - Canuck Core tape + zine (1988)

I originally posted this comp a year and a half ago with some crappy sounding MP3s at 128kbps I got off Soulseek. I wasn't totally happy with the way they sounded but I posted it anyways because no one else did and I figured it was better than nothing. Thanks again to Ken Porter for hooking me up with the WAVs, so I can take out the tape hiss and beef up the sound. He was also cool enough to send me the 7 page zine that came with the tape, which I'd never seen before. Like the last post, it's included in the download as a PDF file.

1. Adversity - Intro / Lost It All
2. Re-Ignition - Intro / Innocence
3. Re-Ignition - War For Your Life / Makin' Love
4. Desperate Minds - Maybe I'm Just Naive
5. Desperate Minds - Miami
6. Desperate Minds - One Tin Soldier
7. Mourning Sickness - Kop Kar 1113
8. Mourning Sickness - Catatonic
9. Mourning Sickness - Extinction
10. Adversity - The Jester
11. Unnatural Silence - Luxury And Lies
12. Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima (August 6th)
13. Subverse - Intro / Dictate
14. Subverse - The Drunk Song
15. Organized Kaos - Reconditioned
16. Organized Kaos - To No End
17. Curious George - Intro
18. Curious George - Pit Bull Attack
19. Curious George - Beachcombers Theme
20. Curious George - Punks Go Camping