November 6, 2013

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live At The Farm (1986)

Another live Dayglos set from the Bay Area, this one recorded at the Farm in San Fran, on 10/25/1986. The sound is a bit rougher than the previous one I posted, but I thought it was worth putting up because it features the late Nev The Impaler on guitar. Rest In Peace. Also, Cretin wasn't on this tour so vocal duties were performed by Spud.

1. Argh Fuck Kill
2. Die Sinner Die
3. Bedtime Story
4. Stupid Songs
5. Religious Bumfucks
6. I Killed Mommy
7. I'm My Own God
8. My Girl
9. Dogfarts
10. Ronald McRaygun
11. Wake Up America
12. Proud To Be Canadian
13. Stupid World
14. Scared Of People
15. Black Sabbath
16. Dragons


  1. Hey, thanks for the upload. I went to that show when I was 16 years old. It was probably one of the best show's that I had ever seen.

  2. Thanks for the post!