January 25, 2014

VA - We Can't Help It If We're From Florida EP (1983)

The Sunshine State's answer to "Flex Your Head" and "This Is Boston, Not L.A.". I was able to find it online for a somewhat decent price, considering it's long out of print and has never been reissued. The first track, "Hardcore Rules" by Hated Youth is probably one of my all time favourite HC songs. 
1. HATED YOUTH - Hardcore Rules
2. HATED YOUTH - Ted Bundy
3. HATED YOUTH - Army Dad
4. SECTOR 4 - White House
5. SECTOR 4 - Plaid Spaceship
6. MORBID OPERA - Eat The Rich
7. MORBID OPERA - White Flag
8. MORBID OPERA - Polyester Pig
9. ROACH MOTEL - Heart Attack
10. ROACH MOTEL - Fla. Reptile Land
11. ROACH MOTEL - My Dog's Into Anarchy
13. RAT CAFETERIA - Tax Revolt

January 8, 2014


This 7" is the sole release of Tony Foresta's first band. The same Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste, No Friends and Iron Reagan fame, in case you didn't know. I actually found this EP on Soulseek. Someone uploaded sides 1 & 2 as separate WAV files, so using Audacity I took out the pops, amplified it and spliced up the tracks. Sounds just as good as if I ripped the record myself I must say. Some people might think it's a bit rough sounding, but then again so was Municipal Waste's first 7".
1. Worse Than You Think
2. Falsely Accused
3. Maybe You Should Find A Hobbie
4. My Stomach Hurts
5. Plastic
6. Brother To Brother
7. Bigot

January 1, 2014

FRATRICIDE - Scream Bloody Vengeance EP (1990)

A year ago today I uploaded the Fratricide / Mission Of Christ split 7", so I figured I may as well start the new year with some more Fratricide. This was released on Heartfirst Records out of Germany two years after the band split up. Track 1 was recorded at Casablanca Studios in Vancouver, 23/05/87 and tracks 2-4 were recorded live on CFRO CO-OP Radio, 02/01/87. You can check out the rest of that set HERE.
1. Scream Bloody Vengeance
2. Poison Control
3. Beaten Senseless
4. Final Solution