January 29, 2020


Probably the first (and only?) band you think of when it comes to 80's HC from Atlanta. I'm guessing it's common knowledge that their guitarist currently sings for Alice In Chains. I've seen online that Neon Christ did some reunion shows a few years back. Which begs the question, why hasn't this classic 7" been reissued officially? This copy is a boot, BTW. It's not like Mr. Alice In Chains can't afford to do it, come on!

January 25, 2020

YOUTH KORPS - '82 EP (1991)

Under the radar HC from Connecticut. This is the vinyl reissue of their 1982 demo tape. All the songs are short and fast with the exception of the last one 'Malaise', which clocks in at the four minute mark. You know Black Flag's "Damaged" was on heavy rotation when they wrote that jam.

January 10, 2020

THE B-SIDES - Red To Black LP (1981)

For a little change of pace, here's some early local ska. To be honest I've never really been a huuuuge fan of the genre, but I liked this band's contributions to the 1980 comp 'Vancouver Independence' and saw this LP sealed for cheap so I decided to... pick it up, pick it up! HAHAHA

January 5, 2020

STATE - All Wrong CD (2006)

The same band from Ann Arbor, Michigan who put out that classic "No Illusions" EP back in 1983. You know the one I'm talking about. This was their first release (of new material) since the 80's and as far as comeback records go, I think it's pretty good. They've released a bunch of 7"s since then that are also worth checking out if you dig this album.