January 23, 2012

THE CHARGERS - Drinkin' Druggin' Whorin' tape (2009)

To be honest, I don't really know much about The Chargers. I do know that this band was made up of ex-members of Vancouver metal bands such as Witches Hammer, Blasphemy and Procreation. I'm not sure how long they were around for or if they even played live. I do believe this was their only recording, released on CD-R in 2003. I ripped this from the 2009 cassette reissue, a split release with The Krushers from Italy. Musically, it's beer swillin', ass kickin' Motorhead-type rock & roll. Check out their Myspace.

1. Full Throttle
2. Supercharger
3. Cold Metal
4. Alright
5. I Gotta Rise
6. On The Run
7. Blood In Blood Out
8. Never Gonna Stop
9. Southbound
10. So Far Away