January 25, 2016

BASTARDS - Siberian Hardcore LP (1984)

Finland's answer to the Varukers. Notice the theme this month? Unlike the last two Finnish records I've posted, this one was sung entirely in English. A bunch of these tunes were recorded in their native tongue on earlier releases, so this record must have been their attempt at getting noticed outside of their homeland. Anyways, if you're into UK82 there's no reason you won't dig this. Ripped from the 2005 vinyl reissue.
1. Tomorrow
2. War Heroes / No Noise In The Silent World
3. Soldiers Of God
4. Salvation
5. Black Parade
6. Binding Rules
7. World Burns To Death
8. Anxious To Forget
9. Siberian Hardcore
10. Lord Taketh, Lord Giveth
11. Red Freedom
12. Vote For Your Lords
13. Junky's Life
14. Blind Hate
15. Balance Of Horror
16. The Beginning Of The End
17. Insane World

January 18, 2016

VAURIO - Huuto Yöstä LP (1984)

Here's some more catchy melodic punk from Finland. Originally released in 1984 as "A Shout From The Night", it was finally reissued 30 years later with the title in Finnish (as is should be!). It's great to see all these lost should-be classics see the light of day again. 
1. Sodanjulistus (Declaration Of War)
2. Harhaa (Hallucination)
3. Irti Kahleista (Break The Irons)
4. Viimeinen Ilta (The Last Night)
5. Kunnian Kentät (Fields Of Glory)
6. Petos (Deceit)
7. Huuto Yöstä (A Shout From The Night)
8. Vapaa Vankila (Free Jail)
9. Tangoa Kahdelle (Tango For Two)
10. Aistin Vihan Ja Pelon (I Feel The Hate And The Fear)
11. Viikonloppuanarkisti (Weekend-Anarchist)
12. Harmaa Maanantai (Grey Monday)
13. Vapaus (Liberty)
14. Musta Unelma (Black Dream)


January 6, 2016

LAMA - S/T LP (1982)

Alright, let's kick off 2016 with one of those "where has this record been all my life?!" type of posts. I'm not afraid to admit I've only recently really started to check out Finnish punk and hardcore. I first heard this band back in the early 00's on a comp I bought called "Killed By Hardcore". And while I liked their one song on it, I never tried to find more stuff by them because in the days before Discogs and Youtube, I didn't really know where to begin. That, and because at the time I wasn't into non-English speaking bands, which is kinda dumb considering I couldn't understand what a lot of North American/British bands I liked were singing about anyways. So yeah, I forgot all about Lama until a few months ago. It seems crazy to me that no one ever talks about these guys or their album because it's damn near flawless in my opinion. They also have another album compiling their four 7" EP's from 1980-83 that's nothing to sneeze at either. Ripped (for your pleasure) from the 2005 CD reissue with a bit extra volume.