November 10, 2019

LOOTBAG - Next 15km tape (199?)

Not sure exactly when this one was released as there's no year on it, but based on the label's category number it came out before the band's other tape, 'The Tenth Kid'. So I'm thinking 1991? I personally prefer that tape to this one as the songs are little tighter and it's chock full of movie and TV sound bites. Just sayin'.

November 8, 2019

LOOTBAG - Tenth Kid tape (1992)

Hey remember a few months back when I was given some local 90's demo tapes? Well, you won't believe this... but I was just given a bunch more! And here's the first of that batch. I only previously knew this Victoria band from their contribution to the 1994 comp, 'Fuck The Commonwealth'. They also released another tape, which I also just got and will most likely post next. So hang tight, i-ight?

November 4, 2019

VA - Killed By Hardcore 3 LP (2003)

You've heard the previous two Killed By Hardcores so you know what you're getting here. Too bad they didn't put out more of these, eh?

November 1, 2019

VA - Killed By Hardcore 2 LP (2002)

I bought the first Killed By Hardcore around the time it was released, but it was only recently that I finally found volumes 2 & 3. Since these bootleg comps came out a lot of this stuff has been reissued, but there still a bunch of rare shit on here. 

October 28, 2019

VA - Cleanse The Bacteria LP (1985)

Classic international HC comp put out by Pushead(who of course did the artwork and included his own band Septic Death). Some copies included a bonus 12" EP, unfortunately mine didn't...sorry!

October 24, 2019

VA - Iberian Pandemonium

Another awesome regional sampler from the same folks who brought us Mexican Pandemonium. The Spainish don't fuck around when it comes to quality punk rock these days and this tape proves they did'nt back in the 80's either. I definitely need to track down more of these comps.

October 21, 2019

VA - Mexican Pandemonium tape (2016)

If you're like me and know jack shit about early punk & HC from Mexico, here's a good place to start. Lots of hard to find jams culled from long out-of-print records and demos on this bootleg comp.

October 14, 2019


Hardcore from Germany. They also released a demo tape that's definitely worth checking out.

October 12, 2019

October 7, 2019

DIRECT ACTION - Trapped In A World LP (1985)

We all know Top Ten lists are lame and meaningless, BUT if you were to make a list of the best Canadian punk/HC records from the 80's this T-dot classic would have to be on there somewhere. With all the reissues coming out in the last few years (especially since the release of the TOHC book 'Tomorrow Is Too Late'), I'm a little surprised no one's re-released it. Unless it's in the works and just hasn't been announced yet. Although Schizophrenic Records did reissue the band's awesome 1984 demo tape onto vinyl a few months back.

October 1, 2019

September 25, 2019

VA - Chikos De La Calle Vol 1 tape (201?)

Not sure exactly when this cassette compilation was released, but based on who's on it I'm guessing around 2014 or 2015. Some of the same bands (and songs) from the East 7th Punx and Babylon comps can be found on here.

September 19, 2019

TEN FEET TALL - 6 Song Demo tape (1991)

Stoked to finally own a physical copy of the debut cassette by Maple Ridge's finest. Although I do prefer their sophomore effort 'Alive', this one ain't too shabby either.

September 13, 2019

POISON IDEA - Ian Mackaye tape (1988)

Since it's the 8th anniversary of my blog, I thought I'd share the most valuable cassette in my collection. It was in a box of tapes given to me years ago so it didn't cost me a cent but last time I checked it's going for over a $100US on Discogs (And NO, I'm not selling it!). So just enjoy the tunes as they're not available anywhere else in digital form at the moment.

September 8, 2019

SHUTDOWN - N.M.F.P. tape (1990)

Here's another sick demo from that pile of tapes I scored last month. Catchy skate punk from Victoria BC, home of the Dayglo Abortions, Neos and Nomeansno. They also released a 7" EP the same year that was produced by Cretin (of Dayglos fame).
1. Down With You / Parched
2. Nothing Much At All
3. Borrowed Time
4. Ground Zero
5. This Life Gone Wrong
6. You Wait
7. From Above
8. Richee Daggers Crime
9. Ashes To Dust
10. Tunnel Vision
11. The Itch

September 2, 2019

VICIOUS BARBS - Demo tape (1992)

I was recently given a bunch of local demo tapes from the early 90's. This one was the only band in the bunch I hadn't heard of before. But I was pleasantly surprised as there's some pretty good songs on here. I wanted to find out more about them but this tape didn't have a cover so there wasn't much to go on. I did find out one of the dudes later played in The Insipids and The Chick Magnets.  And yes, 'I Live A Car' is a UK Subs song, and 'Pave Paradise' is a cover of 'Big Yellow Taxi' by you know who.

August 26, 2019

VA - Van-Cover tape (1986)

Title pretty much says it all - local bands doing covers. This came out on the same label that released the 'Do Not Open Til Christmas' comp and featured a few of the same bands. 

August 9, 2019

MIELENHÄIRIÖ - 1985 LP (2011)

Complete recordings of this lesser known Finnish band from the mid 80's. Two members of this group would go on to form Klamydia, who are still active to this day. If you're into stuff like Kaaos, Pohjasakka and [insert pretty much any other 80's Finnish HC band], this might be up your alley as well.

August 5, 2019

CONFLICT(US) - Last Hour LP (1983)

Like Subculture, here's another under-appreciated slab of early 80's USHC. Ripped from the 2015 reissue, which I highly recommend picking up as it comes with a book chock full of pictures, gig flyers and an extensive band history.
1. Fester
2. Listen To The News
3. Bad Idea
4. Nails From The Sky
5. It's Easy
6. Not Guilty
7. Last Hour
8. Crawl Away
9. I Don't Kill
10. Tai
11. Human Cargo
12. Living Off Mom
13. American Woman
14. You Choose

July 29, 2019

THIRD WORLD CHAOS - New Move For Error LP (1984)

 The very first punk rock LP released in the Philippines. Ripped from the 2013 bootleg reissue.