December 28, 2014


LONG KNIFE - Meditations On Self Destruction (Long Knife)
NO PROBLEM - Already Dead (Deranged)
BISHOPS GREEN - Pressure (Longshot)
BATTLE RUINS - Battle Ruins (Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace)
THE BOSTON STRANGLER - Fire (Self Released)
IRON REAGAN - The Tyranny Of Will (Relapse)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Tension (Refuse)
OFF! - Wasted Years (Vice)
GAS RAG - Beats Off (Beach Impediment)
MEATMEN - Savage Sagas (Self Destructo)

PURA MANIA - La Estafa Musical (CVRecs)
PURA MANIA - Música Para Gente Fea (CVRecs)
VACANT STATE - Chains (Hardware)
LONG KNIFE - Possession (Black Water)
DIE - Vexed (Sonic Terror)
PROXY - Slow Suicide (Ugly Pop)
PROXY - Fine Wine/Undone (Discos MMM)
PRIMITIVE PACT - Injustice (Total Fucker)
SAVAGEHEADS - Savageheads (Twerp)
ALL OUT PANIC - Panic Attack (Self Released)
IRON REAGAN - Spoiled Identity (Decibel)

PUBLIC ENEMY - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (Def Jam)
PUBLIC ENEMY - Fear Of A Black Planet (Def Jam)
RAW POWER - After Your Brain [Redux Edition] (F.O.A.D.)
BULLDOZER - IX [Director's Cut] (F.O.A.D.)
SCHOOLLY D - Saturday Night! The Album (Funky Town Grooves)
BOBBY SOXX - Learn To Hate In The 80's (Cheap Rewards)
S.O.A. - First Demo 12/29/80 (Dischord)
FUGAZI - First Demo (Dischord)
M.D.C. - Millions Of Dead Cops [Millenium Edition] (Beer City)
V.A. - Charred Remains (Radio Raheem)
DEATHWISH - Deathwish (Disclaim)
CIRCLE JERKS - Golden Shower Of Hits (Drastic Plastic)
DISHRAGS - Three (Supreme Echo)
THE ACCÜSED - Martha Splatterhead (Unrest)
BURNING SONS - Built To Fall: The Mystic Recordings (Drunk With Power)
POWER FROM HELL - The True Metal (Soul Erazer)
POWER FROM HELL - Sadismo (Soul Erazer)
BIG BOYS - Lullabies Help The Brain Grow (Modern Classics)
BIG BOYS - No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, There Is Always A Seat! (Modern Classics)

November 25, 2014

VA - Merry Christmas 1985 EP (1985)

I was going to wait closer to Xmas to post this but since the stores now put out their holiday shit well before Halloween, fuck it. This 7" flexi was essentially an audio Xmas card from Zulu Records featuring exclusive holiday themed songs from some of their artists. Ho Ho Ho!
1. ENIGMAS - Roadblocks Are All Over This Town
2. BRILLIANT ORANGE - Jingle Bells
3. GO FOUR 3 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
4. SLOW - Santa Claus Is Back In Town

November 3, 2014

D.F.L. - The Tape Show (1997)

Dead Fucking Last, remember these guys? They played lo-fi skate punk with lyrics that sounded they were made up on the spot. I first heard about them in the mid 90's when Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys was playing bass with them. I remember being bummed when they cancelled their show at the Town Pump back in 1996. This out of print cassette was a mixtape of songs from their third CD "Grateful...", as well as outtakes, fan covers, soundbites and other weird shit. I was originally going to post this as just two tracks, one for each side, but decided to splice it up track for track. There's no song listing with this tape so I had to guess for some of the song titles.
1. Proud To Be
2. ?????
3. Retribution
4. ?????
5. Live For Today
6. Afraid
7. ?????
8. Decisions
9. Powerless
10. ?????
11. Prove Me Wrong
12. It's All In Your Head
13. Four + Twenty
14. You Can't Make Me
15. Help Wanted
16. Ought...To Be A Law / Kill The Hippies 
17. Follow The Leader
18. Pizza Man
19. The Grateful Song
20. I Hate The Rich / I Dig Pain 
21. We Are The Dead
22. ?????
23. ?????
24. Fourteen Acre Mosh
25. Leave Me Alone
26. ?????
27. 300 lbs Mushroom

October 20, 2014

SLAYER - Live In Reseda (1985)

I was recently given a box of old cassettes, mostly of the punk, hardcore and metal variety. While I already had a lot of them on CD and vinyl, I was pretty stoked to find a pair of live Slayer bootlegs among them. They're both from the same show, recorded live in Reseda, California (misspelled as Regeda) on September 6, 1985. It's funny that they have Reign In Blood on the covers when there's no songs from that album on this set. The sound quality and performance are great and also includes a radio interview at the end. Check out the video of the entire show below.
1. Hell Awaits
2. Aggressive Perfector
3. Captor Of Sin
4. Final Command
5. Necrophiliac
6. Black Magic / Die By The Sword
7. Haunting The Chapel
8. Hardening Of The Arteries
9. Fight Till Death
10. At Dawn They Sleep
11. Show No Mercy
12. Praise Of Death
13. Chemical Warfare
14. Interview

October 1, 2014

VA - Oh God My Mom's On Channel 10! LP (1989)

This long out of print comp was the first release on Nardwuar's label, NardWuar Records. It's pretty much all garage rock, with snippets of some of Nardwuar's interviews. 

2. GRUESOMES - I Need You
5. THE EVENT - Pop Think-In
6. LI 150's - Destiny
7. THE CHESSMEN - L'Adventure
8. Nardwuar Vs. Jeff Conolly
10. Joey Shithead Vs. Nardwuar
11. THE ENIGMAS - Charlie
13. Nardwuar Vs. Jello Biafra
14. THE SMUGGLERS - Revenge
15. THE MIGHTY SQUIRRELS - Laughin' Your Head Off
17. STAGNANT WATER - Shoulders
19. Nardwuar Vs. Gerald Ford
20. TELL-TALE HEARTS - I Get Up In The Morning

September 9, 2014

VA - We Still Keep On Running With D.O.A. CD (2002)

Normally I don't go in for tribute comps because let's face it - they usually suck. I was somewhat interested in this Japanese tribute to D.O.A. mainly because it featured Total Fury, who I've posted on here before. This CD was released to coincide with D.O.A.'s 2001 Japan tour and the bands on it were also their opening acts. I wonder if First Alert realized their contributions were actually written by the Subhumans and Rude Norton? 
1. CONSTRICTED - Nazi Training Camp
2. CONSTRICTED - Legalized Theft
3. TOTAL FURY - Get Out Of My Life
4. TOTAL FURY - I Hate You
5. SMASH YOUR FACE - America Is Beautiful
6. WAG PLATY - New Age
7. WAG PLATY - Whatcha Gonna Do?
8. FIRST ALERT - Fuck You
9. FIRST ALERT - Tits On The Beach
10. GO - Thirteen
11. GO - General Strike
12. D.O.A. - Return To Lumberjack City
13. D.O.A. - To Hell N' Back Again

August 22, 2014

DOUG AND THE SLUGS - Get Up And Go single (1984)

As I've posted before, Doug And The Slugs are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Last year I posted their debut single, Too Bad. 'Get Up And Go' is a non-album track that was also on "Ten Big Ones", a compilation made up of selections from their first three albums. On the flip side, ska-flavoured 'Cover Of Love' is from the band's 3rd LP, "Music For The Hard Of Thinking".

1. Get Up And Go
2. Cover Of Love

August 4, 2014

VA - Shindig! LP (1985)

If you live in the Vancouver area, chances are you've probably seen this LP at one of the local record stores. It's a live compilation from CiTR's Shindig battle of the bands, which has been a yearly event since 1983. Past winners include 3 Inches Of Blood (2001) and Brand New Unit (1992). There's a good mix of styles on this record, with Death Sentence and NG3 representing the punk end of the spectrum. How Death Sentence lost to the Nerve Tubes (who's members would later go on to form the Odds, famous for 'Heterosexual Man') is beyond me. 

2. NG3 - Strength
3. RED HERRING - Tone Of Voice
4. NERVE TUBES - Things Break
5. MY THREE SONS - All Time Loser
6. DEATH SENTENCE - Dawn Of The Dead
7. NERVE TUBES - Kiss Me, Carl
8. NG3 - Government
9. RED HERRING - Brain Song
10. RHYTHM MISSION - Redundancy
11. MY THREE SONS - Get Out Of My House
12. DEATH SENTENCE - In Flames

July 13, 2014

PASTE - Today We Learned... LP (1992)

Paste were formed by three ex-members of 80's Vancouver hardcore band Subverse. This was their only release, side one was recorded Oct '92 (tracks 1-6) and side two recorded Oct '91 (7-14). The cover folds out into a poster (see below). Thanks to Aaron for lending it to me.
1. What You Want
2. Soon Washed Away
3. It's My Religion
4. Green Nevada Jackson
5. Homophobic
6. Walk In Futility
7. Don't Talk To Me
8. Babble On
9. The Lorax
10. Pizza Box
11. Couch Boy
12. Mike's Ditty
13. Mighty Might
14. Down

June 22, 2014

SOCIETY'S ILLS - Skins, Brains & Guts EP (1994)

In 1994, Dez Cadena, Thurston Moore, Mike Watt and Dave Markey got together to re-record 7 Seconds' 1982 EP, 'Skins, Brains & Guts'. It was done live off the floor in one take and sounds exactly like how you'd expect it to sound.
1. Skins, Brains & Guts
2. No Authority
3. Redneck Society
4. Baby Games
5. Racism Sucks
6. This Is My Life
7. Anti-Klan
8. I Hate Sports
9. We're Gonna Fight

June 4, 2014

THE DOLE - Working Poor single (1997)

This 2 song 7" was definitely an improvement from the demo they put out a couple years before it. Too bad they did't release anything else. Members of this band also played in Subway Thugs, Emergency! and Soldiers Of Misfortune.

May 3, 2014

NECROS - Conquest For Death LP (1983)

Been meaning to put this record up for about a year now, but I kept putting it off because it's been on many other blogs and local stuff usually takes precedence on here. Anyways, this is the German pressing of this Midwest HC classic, released on Aggressive Rockproduktionen. It came out the same year as the original Touch & Go version, the only exception is that it comes with an extra song, the B-side of the Conquest For Death single, "Take 'Em Up". I was surprised to find this LP online in good shape for a decent price, considering it's been out of print for 30 years. 
1. Search For Fame
2. Tarnished Words
3. No One
4. Satisfy
5. Bad Dream
6. Police Brutality
7. A.S.F.B.
8. Conquest For Death
9. Count Me Out
10. Change
11. Crying Form
12. Face Forward
13. Friend To All
14. Take 'Em Up

April 12, 2014

KRADLE - Demo (1986)

From Metal Archives,

"Kradle formed in 1982 and became known in '83 after opening for Blue Oyster Cult at the Pacific Colesium in Vancouver. They played various sold out shows before finally getting offered a deal from Enigma Records. Due to bad managment advice, the band turned it down convinced a better offer would come along. Kradle disbanded after lead singer Tod Anthony Larkin was tragically drowned in a boating related accident in 1989. 

In 2002, three of Kradle's biggest die-hard fans (singer Jason Rodgers, guitarist Guy Mander and drummer Kevin Lovering) approached original bass player Steve Courchaine about wanting to re-form the band. Original guitarist and drummer Harry Degen and Claude Erfone had no interest without Larkin, but gave them their blessing. They played some gigs and recorded "Unleashed", a 9 song CD consisting of 6 old songs and 3 new ones written with the new line up in 2003.

After watching Kradle perform live, the response they received convinced Degen and Erfone they wanted back in the band and Courchaine reluctantly had to cut Lovering and Mander loose."

It is a shame these guys never got signed back in the day. Personally I think 'Hunger For Love' could've been a big hit. The Georgia Straight recently reposted online an article from 1984 about the band. According to that, they already had a four song demo. So maybe this was actually recorded in 1984, not 1986. Unless this one here is their 2nd demo?

1. Heavy Metal Victory
2. Hunger For Love
3. Soulstripper
4. Living For The Thrill

March 22, 2014

FUCK ME DEAD - Discography (2005-2006)

Since this local hardcore band's recorded output was two 3-song 7"s totalling just over 7 minutes, I figured I may as well post them both at once here. It's a shame they never released anything else, although they did have songs for a third EP which I posted back in Nov 2012.
1. Mechanize Me
2. New Religion
3. Break Me Down (PT.2)

1. Circling Ahead
2. Closer To The End
3. Let It Slide

March 10, 2014

VA - Hell On Earth Volume 1 EP (1995)

This 7" comp features bands from around the world playing different styles of punk and hardcore. Keep in mind this came out in the mid 90's so it might seem a bit dated to some, but there's still some good stuff on here. It was given to me by Tom Shields who played in local bands Seamen, Paste and Subverse. 
3. SEAMEN - Catchphrase
4. SWOONS - French Dressing
5. CRUNCH - To Luke
6. VREDE - Cold
7. REVENGE - If Hate's...

February 22, 2014


Criminally underrated Vancouver hardcore made up of ex members of Fratricide, Career Suicide, Sludge and Soldiers Of Misfortune. This 7" was the band's only release in their 12 year (off and on) existence. They did record eight more songs for a second release, but that still has yet to see the light of day unfortunately.
1. Hell Is Alive
2. Splitfinger Fastball
3. Two Black Guns
4. Knives Of Twilight

February 2, 2014

THE DOLE - dogsdon'tknowit'snotbacon tape (1995)

Listening to this demo brings me back to seeing bands at the Old American Hotel (now the Electric Owl) on weekends in the mid 90's. No cover, cheap pints and a shitty PA = good times! For $20, I could take the skytrain there and back, get drunk and even grab a slice of pizza on the way home. That's where I saw The Do£e play their very first show. I think this tape was recorded before they even played live because I'm pretty sure I bought it that same night. Their only other output was a two song 7" released a couple years later with a different line up. One song from that single, "Working Poor" can also be found on the compilation, "Oi! Let's Go Canada!". 
1. Never Before
2. Quiet Boy
3. Red Tape
4. 15 And Drunk
5. Bitch
6. Beer Is Good For You

January 25, 2014

VA - We Can't Help It If We're From Florida EP (1983)

The Sunshine State's answer to "Flex Your Head" and "This Is Boston, Not L.A.". I was able to find it online for a somewhat decent price, considering it's long out of print and has never been reissued. The first track, "Hardcore Rules" by Hated Youth is probably one of my all time favourite HC songs. 
1. HATED YOUTH - Hardcore Rules
2. HATED YOUTH - Ted Bundy
3. HATED YOUTH - Army Dad
4. SECTOR 4 - White House
5. SECTOR 4 - Plaid Spaceship
6. MORBID OPERA - Eat The Rich
7. MORBID OPERA - White Flag
8. MORBID OPERA - Polyester Pig
9. ROACH MOTEL - Heart Attack
10. ROACH MOTEL - Fla. Reptile Land
11. ROACH MOTEL - My Dog's Into Anarchy
13. RAT CAFETERIA - Tax Revolt

January 8, 2014


This 7" is the sole release of Tony Foresta's first band. The same Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste, No Friends and Iron Reagan fame, in case you didn't know. I actually found this EP on Soulseek. Someone uploaded sides 1 & 2 as separate WAV files, so using Audacity I took out the pops, amplified it and spliced up the tracks. Sounds just as good as if I ripped the record myself I must say. Some people might think it's a bit rough sounding, but then again so was Municipal Waste's first 7".
1. Worse Than You Think
2. Falsely Accused
3. Maybe You Should Find A Hobbie
4. My Stomach Hurts
5. Plastic
6. Brother To Brother
7. Bigot

January 1, 2014

FRATRICIDE - Scream Bloody Vengeance EP (1990)

A year ago today I uploaded the Fratricide / Mission Of Christ split 7", so I figured I may as well start the new year with some more Fratricide. This was released on Heartfirst Records out of Germany two years after the band split up. Track 1 was recorded at Casablanca Studios in Vancouver, 23/05/87 and tracks 2-4 were recorded live on CFRO CO-OP Radio, 02/01/87. You can check out the rest of that set HERE.
1. Scream Bloody Vengeance
2. Poison Control
3. Beaten Senseless
4. Final Solution