February 2, 2014

THE DOLE - dogsdon'tknowit'snotbacon tape (1995)

Listening to this demo brings me back to seeing bands at the Old American Hotel (now the Electric Owl) on weekends in the mid 90's. No cover, cheap pints and a shitty PA = good times! For $20, I could take the skytrain there and back, get drunk and even grab a slice of pizza on the way home. That's where I saw The Do£e play their very first show. I think this tape was recorded before they even played live because I'm pretty sure I bought it that same night. Their only other output was a two song 7" released a couple years later with a different line up. One song from that single, "Working Poor" can also be found on the compilation, "Oi! Let's Go Canada!". 
1. Never Before
2. Quiet Boy
3. Red Tape
4. 15 And Drunk
5. Bitch
6. Beer Is Good For You


  1. I've have really fond memories of the Old American in the mid 90's. The only place I've been where the local hookers would let off steam by slam dancing topless with the punks and the alcoholic old men. A place where if you sobered up enough to focus, you would see cockroaches running up the wall as some one was trying to sell you some cheese or an opened package of wieners they stole from Safeway a few hours before. I also remember the three dollar pints. Light or dark, no specific brands. Dirty tap lines so I always ended up hung over weather I had 2 pints or 8 so you might as well get shit faced. I remember watching the Dole and them being awful, which was amazing! A perfect punk rock shit shit storm. I moved to Toronto in 1997 and haven't been back.

    Thanks for bringing up some great memories.


    1. That about summed the Old A to a tee! Although I thought the pints were $2, same price as the Ivanhoe since they both had the same owner?

  2. i'm searching for burning sons reduced to equality,can upload it?thanks

    1. I generally don't upload stuff that's still in print. There is a new Burning Sons CD out that compiles everything they've done so far. http://dwprecords.bigcartel.com/product/burning-sons-built-to-fall-the-mystic-recordings-cd