April 26, 2015

VA - Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1 CD (2005)

Here we have a great compilation of early Canadian punk rock put out by the long abandoned Punk History Canada page. This disc is full of mostly obscure bands from Victoria, British Columbia to St John's, Newfoundland and almost everywhere in between. Many of these songs were previously unreleased and/or appearing on CD for the first time. I know there was talk of making a Volume 2, but considering this came out a decade ago and the PHC site hasn't been updated in almost as long, I don't think it's ever happening.
1. HOUSE OF COMMONS - Way Down South
2. UNKNOWNS - Teenage Terrorist
3. D.O.A. - Royal Police
4. DA SLYME - Crazy Glue
5. WARSAW - Do Like The Natives
6. THE ACTION - TV's On The Blink
7. TEENAGE HEAD - You're Tearing Me Apart
8. BUREAUCRATS - She's An American
9. ZRO4 - Gimmie Attention
10. 63 MONROE - Media Junkie
11. SLANDER - Petticoat Junction
13. LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally
14. SINNERS - No Brains Required 
16. ANIMAL KINGDOM - Tension
17. STARK NAKED AND THE FLESHTONES - I Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm
18. EXTROVERTS - Living In Poverty
19. 222'S - Hold UP
21. GENTLEMEN OF HORROR - Overhead Projector
22. NOSTRILS - I'm Vile
23. HOT NASTIES - Get Away From Me

April 2, 2015

VA - A Compilation Dedicated To Tim Yohannan LP (2000)

Great bootleg comp featuring lesser known USHC bands from the 80's, and some we all know and love. A few of the songs were much quieter than others so I tried to even out the volume throughout the entire record as much I could. A few of these cuts can also be found on the old school HC mix I put together back in 2012. I was almost going to post this comp as one big long track I like I did for that mix (or two tracks - one for each side), but decided to splice it up because I know I'd be irritated if someone posted this LP like that. Hahaha