September 15, 2013

POINTED STICKS - Demo (1980)

I just realized that my blog turned 2 years old today, so I figured I better put something up to celebrate, right? Here's a mostly unreleased recording session by the Pointed Sticks, the third and final post of rare Sticks material I have. I say mostly unreleased because "Worse" and "Careless" were later included on the "Waiting For The Real Thing" album that Sudden Death records put out in 2006. According the liner notes of that CD, this demo was recorded at Sabre Sound sometime in 1980, I'm assuming before they recorded "Perfect Youth". 

1. The Real Thing
2. Marching Song
3. True Love
4. All That Matters
5. All My Clocks Stopped
6. Nothing Else To Do
7. Careless
8. All I Could Take
9. Part Of The Noise
10. How Could You
11. Middle Aged Teenagers
12. Worse
13. Love Or Money
14. American Song
15. New Ways
16. Apologies


September 3, 2013


"Terminally Stupid #6 photozine- DIVING WITH YOUR BOOTS ON- 1985: The Year in Punk & Hardcore... 28 years in the making (well, maybe 1 year in the making and 27 years sitting in a box...), here's the year of punk and hardcore gigs in Vancouver through the camera lens of a 17 year old suburban kid and his friend with a darkroom (and a better camera), plus a few from out of town. Includes visual scene reports from Vancouver and Toronto circa 1985...Enjoy..."

- Dan Walters


When Dan asked if I would post his zine on my blog, I was not only stoked but honoured. There's lots of great pics on there that make me wish I was older than ten back in '85. Click on the link to download it as a single PDF file. If you can't open it, try using Foxit Reader which can be downloaded for free here.