June 24, 2019

SUBCULTURE - I Heard A Scream LP (1985)

Holy smokes, this album rips! Until it was recently reissued, I'd never heard this North Carolina band before (except for their song "Sadness" off the Tim Yohannan comp). Some of you may recognize the singer from his later band, Double Negative. Don't sleep on this like I did all these years!

June 17, 2019

ANTI - God Can't Bounce LP (1984)

Third and final release, made up of compilation tracks and outtakes recorded between 1982-83. And yes, it was also ripped from the 2018 reissue.

June 10, 2019

CAT'S GAME - File 13 tape (1992)

It's been six years since I last posted anything by this band (which was the 'Home Sweet Home' 7" BTW). I came across this tape last week at Red Cat Records. They did have two copies so the other might still be there if anyone wants it, just sayin'. Track 7 'Surfista' also appeared on the Wade Free Vancouver comp.

June 5, 2019

REPROBATES - Demo tape (2007)

Raw HC from Toronto featuring future and former members of Sick Charade, Hassler, Unfun, and more I'm sure. Dubbed on an old 13 Engines cassette just to give it that extra shitty demo quality sound. 
1. Abandoned City
2. Brainwashed
3. Falling Apart
4. Self Destruct
5. Rat Maze