August 25, 2012

ICEMEN - S/T tape (1988)

Icemen were, I guess you could say a "hard rock" band with a definite punk and metal influence. This was Ken Jensen's(RIP) band between Red Tide and D.O.A., which also had Grog (ex-House Of Commons) on bass. Judging by the professional layout of this cassette and by the fact it was recorded by Cecil English at Profile Studios, these guys were probably hoping to get signed. 
1. Hot City
2. Go To
3. (I'm An) Honest Cheater
4. Scarlet River
5. Painkiller
6. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)

August 19, 2012

VA - Cana-Core Tape (1988)

Here's a rare cassette comp out of Ontario, featuring mostly lesser known bands from B.C., Nova Scotia, and of course, Ontario. A lot of these songs were at the time (and still probably are) previously unreleased, as indicted by (*). "Sick Of Being Sick" is a Damned cover, and "Ohio" was originally by Neil Young. I'm too lazy to type out all the songs, so I just scanned the track listing instead.

August 13, 2012

DUNDERHEADS - Stressed tape (1994)

After posting their 7", I decided to dig up the only other Dunderheads release I have. The version of "Anxiety" on this demo is the same compilation track that I included with the EP last month. This time I added "No Change" from the CD "Wade-Free Vancouver: The Club Grotesque Compilation", which is not on this tape.
1. Intro / Insecurity
2. Anxiety
3. To Serve And Protect
4. Will It Stop?
5. It's Another Story
6. Religious Deal
7. Equality
8. No Change

August 7, 2012

TOE TAG - Compilation tracks

If you're still waiting for some new Toe Tag like I am, here's some songs I threw together from various 7" and CD comps to tide you over. Tracks 1,3 & 4 were later re-recorded for their split disc with World Of Lies. Last I've read, they've recently recorded some new material. Hopefully, they'll put something out by the end of the year. 
1. Run For Cover / Rotting In Sickness
2. House Of Shame
3. Morgan
4. Looks Like Shit
5. Whipping Boy