April 25, 2012

SEAMEN - Macchio tape (1993)

Seamen's second demo. If you liked their first tape, you'll like this one too. Personally, I prefer this recording of 'Hellhole'. Two years after 'Macchio' the band released their debut CD 'Liquor Face', which had a different sound than their previous stuff. 
1. Freezing
2. Y.O.A.
3. Dirties
4. Hellhole
5. On The Pil
6. Shmagpie
7. Trusting Few
8. My Theory
9. Mundays Friday
10. Beaten Down
11. Blue Balls
12. Is It Whipped

April 21, 2012

SEAMEN - Demo tape (1992)

Found this tape at the record fair for $2 last weekend, which was great because my dubbed copy has been missing since the 90's. This demo has a bit of local historical significance as it's the Surrey band's only recording with the late Jesse Cadman on drums. I can't believe this came out twenty years ago, that makes me feel kinda old.
1. Hellhole
2. Shmagpie
3. As The Cheese Flows
4. Cel
5. Neck Of Red
6. Fuck You Up And Get High (Dwarves)

April 10, 2012

A.O.T. - Music To Eat Lightbulbs By... Demo (1984)

It's funny, had I never posted 'Tales From The Western Shore' the other day, I wouldn't have gotten this demo. Big thanks to Dan Walters, who not only put out that compilation but also played in A.O.T. (Abortions On Toast). This is a better recording than the songs from 'Tales...', recorded at the Plaza's rehearsal space with members of Death Sentence on background vocals. A few guys from A.O.T.(including Dan) ended up in Fratricide.
1. Baby Bonfire
2. Buttfuck (Fort Langley cowpunk trad.)
3. A.O.T. Chant
4. Which Way Is East
5. Life Sucks
6. Mental Decay
7. It's Not Rape (If She's Already Dead)
8. Reagan's Back
9. I Can't Skate

April 8, 2012

VA - Tales From The Western Shore tape (1985)

This was put out by Terminally Stupid fanzine and made up of mostly live and rehearsal recordings, with the exception of Death Sentence (whose songs were taken from their record). If it wasn't for Kill From The Heart, I wouldn't know what most of the bands or song titles were on this because my tape didn't come with an insert or anything. 

1. The Bill Of Rights - Two Floors Down
2. The Bill Of Rights - Skammer
3. Immoral Minority - CA
4. Immoral Minority - Gleem Regime
5. Immoral Minority - Who's Right?
6. Immoral Minority - I Don't Need Your Help
7. A.O.T. - Baby Bonfire
8. A.O.T. - AOT Chant
9. A.O.T. - Luke Skywalker's Gay
10. A.O.T. - I Can't Skate
11. Unknown Fibres - Nobody
12. Unknown Fibres - German Song
13. Death Sentence - Death Squad
14. Death Sentence - Feel Fucked
15. The Fitz - Die High
16. The Fitz - Poisoned
17. The Spores - The Weyayeamme
18. The Spores - Chemical Rainbow

April 3, 2012

STRETCH MARKS - Who's In Charge EP (1983)

Classic Winnipeg hardcore. Long out of print too, which is why I've seen it go for as much as $100 online. I was lucky enough to find it on GEMM for $35, and in great shape. NOFX recently recorded a cover of 'Professional Punks' on their hardcore covers EP. What I want to know is, if Fat Mike loves this record so much then why doesn't he reissue it? Somebody should.
1. Who's In Charge
2. Force Fucker
3. Dog's World
4. Barren Cities
5. Sik Pleasure
6. Professional Punks