April 10, 2012

A.O.T. - Music To Eat Lightbulbs By... Demo (1984)

It's funny, had I never posted 'Tales From The Western Shore' the other day, I wouldn't have gotten this demo. Big thanks to Dan Walters, who not only put out that compilation but also played in A.O.T. (Abortions On Toast). This is a better recording than the songs from 'Tales...', recorded at the Plaza's rehearsal space with members of Death Sentence on background vocals. A few guys from A.O.T.(including Dan) ended up in Fratricide.
1. Baby Bonfire
2. Buttfuck (Fort Langley cowpunk trad.)
3. A.O.T. Chant
4. Which Way Is East
5. Life Sucks
6. Mental Decay
7. It's Not Rape (If She's Already Dead)
8. Reagan's Back
9. I Can't Skate


  1. MAAAAAan I havent heard these guys in almost 30 years.

  2. wait a sec. Is that Eric Thorklesson on the left? Do you have any other information about this band? Were they from Vancouver? Surrey? What's the Fort Langley song about?

    Thanks for posting this, you are digging DEEP!

  3. That is him. I don't really know much about AOT. I just heard the demo for the first time not even a week ago. I think they were from Surrey, but I'm not 100% sure. Got some more local old school HC coming soon!

  4. Eric, Dan Walters and Camel Gil (that was the singers name) Jimmy did you play in any bands in Vancouver??

    1. No, never been in a band. Wasn't talented enough hahaha

  5. and jim thompson. camel and jim turned into crazy crack heads. jim burned down his girlfriends house and ended up in a psch ward. last time i saw camel he punched my buddies girlfriend, then smashed a bottle over my buddies head, then proceeded to get his ass severely fucking kicked by said buddy. looked really, really, good him. last we saw of camel gil.

  6. now, now that is very one-sided don't you think?