April 25, 2012

SEAMEN - Macchio tape (1993)

Seamen's second demo. If you liked their first tape, you'll like this one too. Personally, I prefer this recording of 'Hellhole'. Two years after 'Macchio' the band released their debut CD 'Liquor Face', which had a different sound than their previous stuff. 
1. Freezing
2. Y.O.A.
3. Dirties
4. Hellhole
5. On The Pil
6. Shmagpie
7. Trusting Few
8. My Theory
9. Mundays Friday
10. Beaten Down
11. Blue Balls
12. Is It Whipped


  1. Weird how you can not hear something for almost 20 years and remember it perfectly as soon as it comes on.

    Forgot about the legendary Lee Munday's house parties on the weekends. Cloverdale's very own Charlie Manson.

    Jason Kolins should write the book.

    What Grave Mistake you got?
    Thumbscrew demo?
    Connect demo?

    Might as well put up the Sludge 'Coquitlam' CD as well seeing as pawnshops aren't stocking CDs anymore.

    Thanks dude

  2. Unfortunately I don't have any of those demos. True about that Sludge CD, I used to see that in almost every local used CD store at one time.

  3. thx for posting these demos