April 23, 2013

VA - Undergrowth 85 tape (1985)

I wish I could take credit for ripping this tape, but unfortunately I don't even own it. I actually got it off Soulseek, but whoever originally uploaded it did a pretty decent job. It used to be available on the O CANADARM! blog (where I stole the images from), but the D/L link is dead. Like Undergrowth 84, this compilation is a pretty good mix of punk, new romantic, industrial and experimental type stuff, most of it not found anywhere else.
1. House Of Commons - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
2. NG3 - Nuclear Death
3. AKOB - Pogo Blues
4. AKOB - 5 Finger Discount Blues
5. Bill Of Rights - Surfrenzy
6. Bill Of Rights - The Unknown Surfer
7. Bad Attitude - Sinking Time
8. Otis Dog - Welfare Punks
9. Mecca Normal - Are You Hungry Joe?
10. Shanghai Dog - American Desert (Acoustic)
11. Sore Heads - Teenage Crimewave
12. The Krauts - America
13. Sexual Infections - Shock Therapy 
14. Active Glands - I'll Be Me
15. Immoral Minority - No Toys For You
16. Celebrity Drunks - Lift Up That Dress
17. Emily - Fuck That Dog
18. Industrial Waste Banned - Thank You For The Hole In My Head
19. Idyle And Undesirable - Kamikaze
20. MIA - Louise
21. Beauty Foundation - The Party
22. Stab 'Em In The Abdomen - Memories Of Kilgore
23. Belgianiques - Looking At You
24. Ominous Cinema - Stand In The Sun
25. A Merry Cow - Bed In The Gutter
26. Electric Purple Carrot - Boredom
27. Blood BBQ - Eye Got You Babe
28. Sam - I Am Hitler's Son

April 15, 2013

VA - The Phil Smith Album (1983)

Bought this local compilation sealed at Zulu Records, which is kinda funny because it was also the debut release on the Zulu Records label. Actually... that isn't really funny at all. Anyways, all of the bands on here feature the record's namesake, Phil Smith and also include future and former members of other Vancouver groups such as the Dishrags, Pointed Sticks, Modernettes, Subhumans, etc. 
Taken from the Bloodied But Unbowed page,

"Wasted Lives were formed in November 1978 by singer Phil Smith, guitarist Colin Griffiths, and bassist Mary-Jo Kopechne (Mary Armstrong). Guitarist Brad Kent was a founding member of the band, but left to join the Avengers. Phil Smith was a journalist writing for Simon Fraser University’s The Peak; he also contributed to SnotRag and Public Enemy. Wasted Lives disintegrated in summer 1979 when Mary-Jo joined the Modernettes; but not before they recorded the incendiary proto-hardcore tune Wirehead for the Vancouver Complication album. In October, they released the posthumous single, Divorce b/w False Hopes, on their own Spoken Records label. The single’s B-side was actually credited to Big Black Puppets, an ad-hoc combo consisting of Phil and Mary with Bill Napier-Hemy on guitar and Dimwit (credited as Ed Norton) on drums.

Phil Smith acted as the manager of The Dishrags during 1980. In 1981, he fronted the Doors spoof Jimbo & The Lizard Kings, one of many bands operating within the Bud Luxford stable of “fuck bands.” Smith formed his next serious project, Corsage, with childhood friend Bill-Napier Hemy. In November 1981, Corsage released the cassette Rome Burns, Corsage Sings, which included the song Shame I Feel. Corsage continued throughout 1982-84 with various musicians. In March 1983, the best selections of Smith’s various projects were released on The Phil Smith Album, the debut release of the new Zulu Records label, and a music video was shot for The Shame I Feel. Phil Smith and Bill Napier-Hemy continue to record and perform together from time to time, usually under the Corsage moniker."

1. Blanche Whitman - Dark Ages
2. Corsage - Grecian Formula
3. Blanche Whitman - (Someone) Watching Over Me
4. Corsage - The Shame I Feel
5. Wasted Lives - Undercover
6. Corsage - Force Beyond Control
7. Jimbo And The Lizard Kings - Coming For You, Little Girl
8. Corsage - I'm Nothin'
9. Wasted Lives - Wirehead
10. Blanche Whitman - Sleep Sleep Sleep
11. Corsage - I'm A Lion
12. Corsage - Rome

April 8, 2013

ENIGMAS - Strangely Wild EP (1985)

Like Shanghai Dog, I got into these guys after uploading the Zulu Sampler tape, particularly the song "Flying Dutchman". I found both their records for $10 a piece at Zulu Records. And like Shanghai Dog, this band is in need of the reissue treatment.

1. Flying Dutchman
2. Windshield Wiper
3. Monsters In The Basement
4. A Bit Too Far
5. Strangely Wild
6. Rush Hour In Russia

April 1, 2013

UNNATURAL SILENCE - Second Demo tape (1986)

Like the 1985 live set I posted last year by these guys, this was also ripped and sent to me by Dan Walters. The sound is a bit rough, but still not too bad considering it was from a 27 year old Fuji tape. Apparently their guitarist Miles was in the process of sorting through the band's masters to put together a Unnatural Silence CD. I have no idea if or when that will come out, so until then here you go. Photos by Adam Hughes.
1. Once Again
2. What Are You Waiting For
3. Patriot Pride
4. Hiroshima
5. Alternative Reality