April 1, 2013

UNNATURAL SILENCE - Second Demo tape (1986)

Like the 1985 live set I posted last year by these guys, this was also ripped and sent to me by Dan Walters. The sound is a bit rough, but still not too bad considering it was from a 27 year old Fuji tape. Apparently their guitarist Miles was in the process of sorting through the band's masters to put together a Unnatural Silence CD. I have no idea if or when that will come out, so until then here you go. Photos by Adam Hughes.
1. Once Again
2. What Are You Waiting For
3. Patriot Pride
4. Hiroshima
5. Alternative Reality


  1. Cool...I've wanted this for so long...

    That's me just to the left of Miles , behind the mike stand .

    I put on the Dance City show.... Tom Shields

  2. That the dance studio on Granville Street? I was at that show!!

  3. AWESOME!!! thx a bunch!
    both demo's on a piece of vinyl would be cool as hell,cd's are shitty!

    "remastered" version on MFT soon if mr. Jim is ok with it?


    1. Go ahead. I don't know what more you could do with it. Keep in mind it was ripped from an old dubbed cassette that had sound from the other side bleeding through, which you can kinda hear at the beginning and end of the songs. But good luck.

  4. took out the hiss,pushed the volume to the max and a little extra bass & did some fade outs
    def not bad for a 27 yrs old fuji tape!!!
    Hiroshima had volume/bass changes in 1 channel,corrected em...
    so this is it i think...


    (download = the vbr thingy on the left of your screen in blue)

    thx again

  5. This rips so hard. I never heard this before.

    About 15 years ago Jonas Catchioni was involved with the label Ugly Pop and said they were going to release some Unnatural Silence material but it never happened and I have no idea what they were going to use but this should have been pressed onto vinyl.

    thanks again for putting shit like on the web dude, and Dan's remix rules. I'd love to see more pictures, especially color of Unnatural silence or Subverse playing live.

  6. Nice one. I still have my copy of this demo. This should have been released at the time as a 12". Ray had some art and nice b/w "pose" photos of the band that I remember seeing.

  7. Hey

    actually noticed the Subverse CD on Boss Tuneage is out. Their website doesn't have any information on it. What's on it and does it have anything cool in it?

    Keep it up with the local hardcore dude. I read this thing. Also, if Jason Kolins isn't going to put up the Grave Mistake demo's can you? I have them on tape but have no idea to digitize.

    1. The Subverse CD has pretty much everything they recorded including some unreleased outtakes and rehearsals. It's even available on itunes.

      Glad you like the blog, thanks. I've heard of Grave Mistake, although I don't think I've ever HEARD them. But I'd be glad to rip the tapes for you. If you'd like, you can mail them to me and I'll send them back to you as soon as I'm done with them. I am going to Europe for two weeks in May, so it might not get done right away. Cheers.


  8. Okay dude

    what's your email?