March 22, 2013

SHANGHAI DOG - This Evolution LP (1985)

It was when I was ripping the Zulu Sampler tape recently that I discovered Shanghai Dog's "American Desert". Turns out I've had this song for almost twenty years on the 'Last Call' comp. I've never heard it before because it was on the second disc, and I only really played the first half of disc one (which was where all the punk rock was on that 2 CD set). That's when I decided to track down this band's records, which I've seen around town for years. I was actually able to score a sealed copy of this LP online for only $4. While I prefer their first release, "Clanging Bell", "American Desert" is (in my opinion) their best song. And yes, "Hiroshima" is a Subhumans cover, even though half the band are ex-Subhumans. I'm surprised Sudden Death Records hasn't put out a discography CD or something. I mean, if Joey Shithead can reissue The Spores, why not Shanghai Dog?
1. This Evolution
2. American Desert
3. Siren
4. Hiroshima
5. Refusal
6. Security
7. In The Distance
8. Past Tense
9. Try
10. On The Rocks


  1. This was their classic song. Unforgettable.

  2. Clanging Bell is definitely stronger than This Evolution - but this is a good one too.

  3. Oops - published too soon. Thanks for making these available - my vinyl of Clanging Bell has been AWOL for several years