March 15, 2013

ENIGMAS - S/T EP (1983)

For years, the only song I knew by this band was "Teenage Barnacle" from the Last Call compilation. To be honest, when I first heard it back in the mid 90's I wasn't that into the song and hadn't listened to it since. Probably wasn't "punk" enough for me at the time. I guess now that I'm older, my musical tastes have matured somewhat (haha!). These guys played a mix of punk and garage rock with a 60's influence. "Pancho Villa" is my personal favorite on this 12". And for those that don't know, singer/sax player Paul McKenzie would later go on to front the Real McKenzies.

1. Teenage Barnacle
2. Pancho Villa
3. Roll With The Punches
4. Daymare
5. Greenstreet


  1. You've got some great music on here.. thanks so much for this

  2. Ah... I loved "teenage barnacle" at first sight! It was on the great compilation "It came from the pit" that I bought in 86, if I remember well. Too bad your download link doesn't work, since a dickhead broke my LP back in 89 and I never found it back, since then... ;)

    1. Are you sure it doesn't work? I just tried it, worked fine for me.

  3. Thanks a lot for the Enigmas, was a great band and some more thanks for using Mediafire so I have a chance for download.
    I hate to see "File has expired..."