March 8, 2013

POINTED STICKS - Live Radio Broadcast (1979)

Here's some more rare Pointed Sticks, this time recorded live at Rohan's in Kitsilano. The sound quality is a bit muddier than the show I posted last month, but it's still pretty good. It sounds like someone taped this off the radio as the first and last song are incomplete. Also, at one point the band has some technical issues and a few studio tracks (songs 14-16) are played while it's being sorted out. What's cool about this set is the number of covers and originals that never made it to the studio, or were never released. I'm still not sure what track 2 is called (posted below). Anyone?

1. Downtown
2. ????????
3. The Way You Do
4. Stupid Girl
5. Automatic You
6. I'll Never Change Your Mind
7. Apologies
8. Who Cares
9. Part Of The Noise
10. You Must Be Crazy
11. Somebody's Mom
12. My Little Red Book
13. I'm Numb / What Do You Want Me To Do?
14. Marching Song
15. Apologies
16. The Real Thing
17. Baby, I Love You
18. The Kids Are Alright
19. Nothing Else To Do
20. Instrumental / Out Of Luck
21. Nothing Holding You
22. All I Could Take
23. Tired Of Waiting For You
24. Love Or Money
25. All My Clocks Stopped
26. Ride On Baby

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