March 1, 2013

VA - Undergrowth Vancouver 84 tape (1984)

The main reason I haven't posted this tape ages ago is because it was already available on the Model Citizen blog. Now that link is dead, so I thought I may as well put my rip up on here. This compilation is actually two cassettes, unfortunately I only have the first half. But the second tape is mostly electronic, industrial and experimental type stuff, whereas this one is mainly punk rock and hardcore. There's some great stuff on here too, a lot of it not available anywhere else.
1. Nomeansno - Self Pity
2. Nomeansno - Some Bodies
3. The Bill Of Rights - Blind Society
4. The Bill Of Rights - Shot In The Ass
5. The Bill Of Rights - Back In The USSR (live)
6. Clay Pigeon - Party Line
7. Clay Pigeon - The Holy War
8. Soldiers Of Sport - The Broadcast
9. Celebrity Drunks - Laugh Till I Cry
10. Culture Shock - Stay Away
11. Death Sentence - Get Out Of Our Way
12. Death Sentence - Real World
13. Death Sentence - Ultra Violence
14. Unnatural Silence - Misfits Are Innocent
15. Unnatural Silence - Enemies
16. The Spores - Meat By-Product
17. The Spores - Pervert Me
18. Sudden Impact - Hostage Taker
19. Sudden Impact - She Drives Me Crazy
20. House Of Commons - Insane
21. Unknown Fibres - Surfer Joe
22. Slow - The Night Before


  1. thank you very much for this blog

  2. Thank you

    A great share

    How great it would be to hear the other half

    i once had this , and cant remember ,was Insex on this atall?