December 27, 2016


DESCENDENTS - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Armageddon Survival Guide (Unrest)
ROTTEN UK - That Is Not Dead… (Hells Headbangers)
BRAIN SLUG - Live In Power (Hardware)
ARMS RACE - New Wave Of British Hardcore (La Vida Es Un Mus)
THE WAR GOES ON - S/T (Adult Crash)
V.A. - Babylon Mixtape (East 7th Punx)
SAURON - Conquest Through Attrition (Dystopian Dogs)
TARANTÜLA - S/T (none)
TARANTÜLA - I Got High With Bela Lugosi (none)
D.R.I. - But Wait, There's More! (Beer City)
ULTRA - España Invertebrada (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BISHOPS GREEN - Back To Our Roots (Rebellion)
ELECTROCUTIONER - Wretch In Order (Die Laughing)
PMS 84 - 2016 (Voice From Inside)
RIXE - Les Nerfs A Vif (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LESION - II (Adult Crash)
PARASYTES / SECTA - Split (Discos MMM)
FINAL - Demo (Discos MMM)
ODIO - Un Mondo Libero Dall'Uomo (Nightrider)
AUSENCIA - Cuantas Vidas (Verdugo Discos)
DEATHLY - S/T (Overdose)
DEATHLY EYE - Weird Tales Of Terror (Overdose)

EXOTIC ADRIAN STREET - Shake Wrestle & Roll (Burger)
REAGAN YOUTH - The Complete Youth Anthems For The New Order (New Red Archives)
WARZONE - Don't Forget The Struggle… (Revelation)
RAMONES - Ramones 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Rhino/Sire)
METALLICA - Kill 'Em All (Blackened)
METALLICA - Ride The Lightning (Blackened)
EVIL ARMY - Command, Attack & Destroy (Vulkan)
BLAZING EYE - 2013-2016 (none)
DER STAB - Tracers/It's Grey (Negative Jazz)
ELECTROCUTIONER - 5 Trax Demo (Make 'Em Sweat)
GAS RAG - Discography (Outsider)

December 18, 2016

THE DISHRAGS - Three LP (2014)

This LP compiles all the 1978-79 recordings of the Dishrags when they were still a trio, hence the title 'Three'. Anyone who knows this band has the heard the studio recordings before (tracks 1-2 from the Vancouver Complication sessions & 11-13, their debut 7" 'Past Is Past'). But what really makes this record worth owning is the recently unearthed live soundboard recordings from Oct '78 (tracks 3-9) and Jan '79 (14-20). The sound quality is amazing and it's cool hear some previously unreleased originals and covers as well a few that would later sound different in the studio like Tormented and Sold Out. This release also comes with a booklet containing a bunch of pics and liner notes. And as you can see, my copy was autographed! Another great release by Supreme Echo, who also put out the equally amazing 'All Your Ears Can Hear' comp I posted back in September.
1. I Don't Love You
2. Bullshit
3. What Do You Want Me To Be? (The Furies)
4. High Society Snob
5. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Ramones)
6. Rebel Kind (Dino, Desi & Billy)
7. Tormented
8. Double Checkin' Woman (Eddie & The Hot Rods)
9. Quick Step (The Adverts)
10. Friday Night Date (The Furies)

11. Past Is Past
12. Tormented
13. Love Is Shit [It’s Goodbye]
14. Just Another Girl
15. Sold Out
16. Craven A…
17. Public Enemy
18. Bullshit
19. I Don't Love You
20. London's Burning (The Clash)

December 8, 2016

FAKE IT BIG TIME - Vancouver Seeds VI tape (1991)

Fake It Big Time featured Vancouver punk rock veterans Randy Rampage and Brad Kent who previously played together in DOA, The 45s, The Sick Ones, Ground Zero and on Rampage's 1982 solo album. They won CFOX's 1991 'Demo-listen Derby' and were given the entire first side of this tape with six songs, while the runners up only got one or two songs each on side 2. And no, they're not included in this download (get your Rhymes With Orange fix elsewhere!). They even had a professionally shot video made for 'Bytor' that was shown on MuchMusic and MTV. Be sure to check out Randy's newly released memoirs, "I Survived DOA".
1. Bytor
2. Lorne Henry Blues
3. Evil Ways
4. Eye On You
5. Sonic Reducer
6. Ready To Rock

December 1, 2016

VA - Future Is Death tape (2016)

Here's a weird little cassette comp with a few different genres represented. Out of the 12 songs on here, 4 of them are instrumentals. I think only a limited number of these were made because I can't find any more copies for sale anywhere online.

November 20, 2016

VA - Babylon tape (2016)

Here's a great sampler of the current punk/HC scene in the Sunshine State. If you're not familiar with any of these bands, I dare you to listen to this mix and not want to check out more from at least a few bands off here.

November 9, 2016

DEATHLY - S/T tape (2016)

New solo project from the singer of Blazing Eye. If like them, you'll like this too. Sick guitar tone!
1. Wake Up
2. Human Trash
3. Wretched
4. Finale
5. Deathly

November 1, 2016

EMENKAYA - S/T LP (2013)

Sole release by this mysterious Danish band. I say mysterious because this record came with no lyrics, band photos, or any info. Just this intriguing cover photo that I'd love to know the back story of. All I could find out about this group is that they included a member or two from Cola Freaks and only played a few shows and put out this amazing record before disbanding. I don't really know who to compare it to so you'll just have to listen for yourself and thank me later.
1. Vanskabt
2. Ind I Et Rum / Skinnerne Synger
3. Ulvene Kommer
4. Spedalsk
5. Sammenhold
6. Menneske Frygt Dig
7. Tabt
8. Selvvalgt Terapi
9. Broderskab
10. Udviklingen Taler Imod Dig

October 18, 2016

JACKSHIT - Hicktown EP (1984)

Goofball hardcore from Reno, Nevada. This band featured Steve Youth from 7 Seconds on bass (and Kevin Seconds on backup vox) so I'm not sure if this was some sort of fuck band or side project. Some of the lyrics are a tad un-PC which is maybe why it's never been reissued, who knows? 
1. Hicktown
2. We Still Like Drugs
3. Champagne For Breakfast
4. E.T. Go Home
5. Gimpy
6. Keys In The Car

October 10, 2016

GAUZE - City Rockers EP (2003)

Bootleg 7" of this legendary Japanese HC band's first recording. Originally released on the 1982 compilation LP "City Rockers". At first listen, you'd never guess that this was same band that released "Fuckheads" only two years later. I think the track listing on the back of this record is missing a title "Warae" based on another Gauze bootleg I have. But then again, I could be wrong.
1. Drug Addict
2. Oi
3. Usagi
4. Senjyo
5. Syodokueki
6. Impotent Kids
7. Warae
8. Anti-Machine
9. Nouyaku / Chuseishi Bakudan

October 2, 2016

MASSACRE 68 - ¡No Estamos Conformes! LP (1990)

I discovered this Mexican band on Youtube a while back. I downloaded it off Soulseek but it was a pretty crappy sounding rip so I bought the LP online. My copy is a bootleg so I'm not sure how much better the original sounds. I'm guessing it's still a pretty raw recording no matter what, which is fine by me.
1. Un Día En Pekín
2. Tantos Días Tantos Años
3. Sistema Podrido
4. Ejército Nacional
5. Crimen Capitalista
6. Torturas
7. Masacre 68
8. No Estamos Conformes
9. Víctima Del Vicio
10. Policías Corruptos
11. Presos Políticos
12. Miseria
13. Elecciones
14. Ellos O Nosotros
15. Malditos Candidatos

September 23, 2016

GAS RAG - On The Beach EP (2014)

A damn fine swan song to a great but short lived band. I believe they were already disbanded when this 7" came out. Originally I was going to post my rip of their discography tape but all their records (with the exception of this one) are available for free on Bandcamp, so fuck it.
1. Fucking System
2. Short Leash
3. On The Beach / Neglect
4. Human Bomb

September 15, 2016

VA - All Your Ears Can Hear 2xCD (2007)

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of this blog so I thought I'd better post something big to mark the occasion. You couldn't ask for a better document of the early underground music scene in British Columbia's capital city. This 2 disc comp came with a book that's full of pics, band bios and anecdotes by people who were involved like Murray Acton (Dayglo Abortions), Jade Blade (Dishrags), John Wright (Nomeansno) and more. A lot of the songs on here are either out of print or previously unreleased, making this their first appearance on CD. I wish Vancouver had a scene comp as great as this. Here's to another five years, CHEERS!
1. INFAMOUS SCIENTISTS - Canada's Pissed
2. PINK STEEL - Here We Go Again
3. THE CLIX - Sidewalk Trot
4. AUTOMATIC SHOCK - Mushrooms
5. SICKFUCKS - Long Blink
6. JERK WARD - Millions Of Dead BMXers
9. NOMEANSNO - Almost Like Home
10. RED TIDE - Nato Actionaut
11. THE KEYS - Ups & Downs
12. NEOS - Ripped Off
13. NEOS - Sexual Revolution
14. CENSORED CHAOS - Dinner At McDonalds
15. THE RESISTANCE - Amerika
16. THE ASCENSIONS - She's Weird
17. EASY MONEY - No Stranger To Danger
18. DIOXYN - Free From Vice
19. MALCOM DEW-JONES - Secret Agent 000
21. THE DISHRAGS - High Society Snob
22. TWISTED MINDS - Vancouver
23. DISTORTION - Leave Us Alone
24. THE DO-WOPS - Kill Mash Die
25. THE DO-WOPS - Butchart Gardens
26. FAKE DOGS - Fuckin' Jerk
27. PURPLE CITY - Untitled
31. NOISE GENERATION - Breakdown
32. NEMATODES - Down With The KKK
33. NEVAR - Iran
34. COMMODES - Bunyon
35. DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Whiter Than Hitler
36. RYVALS - Floating
37. SUBURBAN MENACE - What's So Wrong
40. MASS APPEAL - SS Social Service

2. RED TIDE - My Son Is A Kuwahara
3. NEOS - Destruct
4. NEOS - Russian Folk Song
5. INFAMOUS SCIENTISTS - Someone Else's Shoes
8. THE DISHRAGS - Bullshit
9. THE KEYS - Lied To
10. NOMEANSNO - Too Much Dope
12. MALCOM DEW-JONES - Modern World
13. EASY MONEY - On The Edge
14. DA JEEP - Save Me
16. FAKE DOGS - Bombs Away
17. NEMATODES - Hatred
18. NEVAR - Chorus
21. THE TUMOURS - It Hurts When I Think
22. JERK WARD - Flesh & Bones
23. NUCLEAR ERRORS - We're Rebels
24. RED TIDE - It's More A Feeling
25. RAY LUXEMBURG - Following
26. DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Nuclear Supremacy
27. HARVEST OF SEAWEED - Accidental Exile
28. SUBURBAN MENACE - Outta My Way
30. NU-LIB - New Liberation
31. CENSORED CHAOS - Violence In The Streets
32. DIVINE RIGHT - Outta The Grave
33. NOMEANSNO - Nomeansno
34. THE SLIVERS - Black Hole
35. DISRUPT - These Are The 80's
37. SICKFUCKS - Mother Was A Man
38. INFAMOUS SCIENTISTS - Baldwang Must Die
39. PURPLE CITY - Invisibility

September 3, 2016


I bought this 7" used for a few bucks last month. I remembered them from a few compilations back in the 90's. This was the Toronto band's only release as far as I know. I guess you can call this political punk, because their liner notes have a paragraph explaining each song.
1. No Bars, No Chains
2. Serve To Oppress
3. The Nuclear Nightmare Recedes For Our Children
4. A Fascist By Any Other Name…
5. Free Palestine
6. Conspiracy In Action
7. One That Worked

August 25, 2016

ELECTROCUTIONER - Wretch In Order tape (2016)

3rd release by this mystery L.A. band, only 100 copies made. I'm thinking this may only be a studio side project, as I can't find any info or pics of them online. Ugly vocals reminiscent of Japanese bands like GISM, Zouo and Gasmask, yet still catchy. At least to my ears. 

1. XX System
2. Charades
3. Like Pigs (K.T.P.I.Y.H.)
4. In Progress
5. Belligerents

August 16, 2016

TOE TAG - Hide The Knives MLP (2014)

The last time I posted anything by Toe Tag was August 2012. Since then, they've released a CD, "Here She Comes Again" in 2013 and this 10" at the beginning of last year. I think this record is their heaviest to date. They have a new album in the works so be on the lookout for that one soon.
1. Dead Blue Skies
2. Lay Down And Die
3. Hide The Knives
4. Looking For The Smell
5. Every Thousand Years (Instrumental)
6. Poop And Filth
7. Circling The Drain (Instrumental)
8. El Clipo

August 9, 2016

CÜLO - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down Demo EP (2013)

On Cülo's Myspace page(remember Myspace?!), they list only two bands as influences, The Ramones and Discharge. Which kinda sounds about right. This is the vinyl version of their 2nd demo tape, originally released in '09. I love that they used soundbites of Return Of The Living Dead, Rock & Roll High School and Repo Man between songs. Seems like bands don't do that enough anymore. 
1. Can't Grow Up
2. Black Livers
3. Solanum Suicide
4. Drained Brains
5. Go Blank
6. My Brain
7. Desperate For Dicks

August 1, 2016

SPEEDWOLF - Denver 666 single (2010)

Back in January, Speedwolf made an announcement on their Facebook page that they were pretty much done as a band, more or less. Shitty news, as I thought they were working on a new album. At least I got to see them live once. This 7" is now out of print and both songs off were re-recorded for their 'Ride With Death' LP. There used to be a music video for 'Denver 666' that had a guy doing a bunch of blow and turning into a werewolf, who then surfed on top of a van and went bowling like in Teen Wolf. Unfortunately it's no longer on Youtube. If you haven't yet already, check out their awesome demo "Bark At The Poon" that I posted back in 2011.
1. Denver 666
2. Hell And Back

July 25, 2016

TOTAL FURY - Ears Go Deaf EP (2008)

This is Total Fury's last release, as far as I know. Even though this came out 8 years ago they still seem to be playing shows, although I don't know who's still in the band. Like all of their records that came out after 'Committed To The Core', this 12" was released for one of their US tours and one features at least one or more re-recordings of an earlier song and a cover. But it's Total Fury and it's 10 songs in 11 minutes, so you know it rips.
1. Guilty
2. Lie
3. In My Hands
4. World Update
5. Briefcase
6. Puppet On A String (Government Issue)
7. Little Story
8. Crap Song 
9. Total Fury
10. Anticipation

July 17, 2016

TOTAL FURY - Committed To The Core EP (2002)

Some might think this 7" was a bit of a disappointment when consider that the band recorded their masterpiece "13 Songs" just 2 years before. In all fairness, that is a pretty hard record to top. But on it's own, this EP is still good if you like fast lo-fi HC. This was ripped from the 2003 US tour press.
1. Lost Cause
2. First Lead / Attitude / Fall
3. Split Milk
4. Committed To The Core
5. Connected
6. Sage
7. Makeshift Way

July 8, 2016

VA - Vancouver's Punk As Fuck Vol. 2 CD (2009)

Here's the follow up to last weeks' post. A bunch of bands from the first are on this one too. Thanks to Bandcamp, CD comps like this are pretty much obsolete. In a way it's too bad, because I think Vancouver is long overdue for another scene compilation.

July 1, 2016

VA - Vancouver's Punk As Fuck CD (2007)

Happy Canaduh Day, hosers! In case you were wondering what the Vancouver punk rock scene was like 9 years ago, here's a good sampler. Especially the bands that were playing at the Cobalt at the time. This was a total low budget DIY comp done on CD-Rs and available at local record stores, gigs and through the bands themselves. Volume two up next.

June 19, 2016

DS-13 - Thrash And Burn EP (2000)

I never bought this EP before recently because I thought all of the band's non-LP tracks was compiled on the 2003 CD 'No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead'. Guess not. This was originally released in 2000 as a 6", my copy is the 7" reissue that came out 2 years after. DS-13 originally split in 2002, but have gotten back together in recent years to play a bunch of shows. I wonder if a new record is in the works?
1. Straights & Drunks
2. World Of Hatred
3. Work Sucks
4. Victory Records
5. David Sandström
6. Prechewed Rebellion
7. Fukk Responsibility
8. Youth Crüe Über Alles
9. Destroy

June 8, 2016

TOTAL FURY / THE JURY - Split EP (2007)

This split 7" was released for Total Fury's 2007 East Coast US tour with Reagan SS and (obviously) The Jury. I've never heard The Jury before, but their brand of pissed off HC with screamed vox is right up my alley. I'll have to check out their other records. Both bands end their side of the split with a cover of an old school band from the other's homeland. 

1. TOTAL FURY - You're Too Old
2. TOTAL FURY - Little Story
3. TOTAL FURY - New Song (Scream)
4. THE JURY - Dead Start
5. THE JURY - Bigot
6. THE JURY - Crash… (Gauze)

June 1, 2016

DIRECT CONTROL - Farewell LP (2009)

I don't normally do two posts in one day, but I figured this may be a more fitting tribute to Brandon Ferrell. When this 12" first came out, I think people may have thought this was the band's swan song. But it was actually in reference to the passing of Mikey Offender (MDC, DRI, Offenders) who briefly played bass for them on a European tour, and also wrote the title track.
1. Lions Den
2. Mortality
3. Hollywood Secrets
4. No Change
5. Public Safety
6. Laid To Waste
7. De-Educate
8. Getting Closer
9. Farewell

MAJOR DAMAGE - Sheer Mayhem EP (2013)

I was saddened to read about yesterday's passing of Brandon Ferrell. He played in so many great bands over the years like Municipal Waste, Direct Control, Government Warning, Career Suicide, etc. This is the 2nd 7" of his solo project, Major Damage. If you like 80's NYHC, you'll dig this. But then again, everything he was involved in was great. Rest In Peace.

May 23, 2016

VILE NATION - Tight Leash EP (2010)

Back to Memphis this week with another killer 7". This was the third and final EP for Vile Nation and in my opinion, their best by far. Four songs in just over three minutes of pure lo-fi, dirty hardcore perfection. NO WAR, NO FUTURE FUTURE!!
1. Tight Leash
2. Spit U Out
3. No War No Future
4. Nothin Inside