December 8, 2016

FAKE IT BIG TIME - Vancouver Seeds VI tape (1991)

Fake It Big Time featured Vancouver punk rock veterans Randy Rampage and Brad Kent who previously played together in DOA, The 45s, The Sick Ones, Ground Zero and on Rampage's 1982 solo album. They won CFOX's 1991 'Demo-listen Derby' and were given the entire first side of this tape with six songs, while the runners up only got one or two songs each on side 2. And no, they're not included in this download (get your Rhymes With Orange fix elsewhere!). They even had a professionally shot video made for 'Bytor' that was shown on MuchMusic and MTV. Be sure to check out Randy's newly released memoirs, "I Survived DOA".
1. Bytor
2. Lorne Henry Blues
3. Evil Ways
4. Eye On You
5. Sonic Reducer
6. Ready To Rock

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