February 27, 2018

VA - Full Speed Ahead CD (2003)

Okay, what better way to end Finnish February than with a comp of classic Finnish 7"s from the mid 80's? You'd almost never know it's a bootleg because the sound quality on it is great. Enjoy!

February 22, 2018

TAMPERE SS - Kuollut & Kuopattu EP (1983)

Originally released in 1983 as a demo tape and later reissued on vinyl in the late 90's. Some of these songs were used for compilations, most notably 'Hardcore 83'. I'm guessing the band felt they had to put 'Anti-Nazi' on the cover because the SS in their name?

February 17, 2018

VA - Propaganda Russia Bombs Finland LP (1982)

Another classic comp. Some might even call it Finland's 'Flex Your Head'. Or maybe just me. Ripped from the 1995 CD reissue.

February 11, 2018

VA - Propaganda Hardcore '83 CD (1996)

Classic comp originally released in 1983. Ripped from the '96 CD reissue that includes the then-unreleased Vaurio EP, 'Sortoa Ja Vainoa'. 

February 5, 2018

M.A.P. - Kaasua EP (1982)

Like Evulaatio, Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija (M.A.P. for short) were another lesser-known Finnish band that only released one 7" during their short existence. If the first song sounds familiar, that's because it's a reworking of 'Police Story' by The Partisans. According to google translate "kaasua" is Finnish for "gas", so I'm guessing the song isn't a story about police. Ripped from the 2005 reissue.

February 1, 2018

VA - Killed By Finnish Hardcore LP (2003)

I've been listening to a lot of Suomipunk as of late so I thought this month will be all Finland all February! A good place to start is this bootleg sampler, chock full of killer tracks by the heavyweights of the country as well as lesser known bands that only appeared on a comp or two back in the day. Done by the same guys who put out Killed By Hardcore, so you know it's good.