November 26, 2019

INSURANCE RISK - Violence In Our Minds LP (2009)

80's Boston HC worship by way of Norway. Side One is from their 'How Much More' 7" EP (1999) and the B side is off their sophomore 7", 'No Pity' (2002).

November 19, 2019

CIVIC PROGRESS - Petroleum Man EP (2007)

Overlooked mid-00's HC outta St. Louis. 'Ignorant Fucking Assholes' should've been a huge hit. Members also played in Cardiac Arrest. Ripped from 2nd pressing on No Way Records if anyone cares. 

November 13, 2019

GRAVE MISTAKE - Garden Party tape (1991)

Debut demo of this thrash/punk band from the bowels of Maple Ridge, BC. I posted their 2nd demo 'Baba Yaga's Revenge' back in 2013, recently updated with a better rip from an original cassette (as opposed to the dubbed tape I used first time around).

November 10, 2019

LOOTBAG - Next 15km tape (199?)

Not sure exactly when this one was released as there's no year on it, but based on the label's category number it came out before the band's other tape, 'The Tenth Kid'. So I'm thinking 1991? I personally prefer that tape to this one as the songs are little tighter and it's chock full of movie and TV sound bites. Just sayin'.

November 8, 2019

LOOTBAG - Tenth Kid tape (1992)

Hey remember a few months back when I was given some local 90's demo tapes? Well, you won't believe this... but I was just given a bunch more! And here's the first of that batch. I only previously knew this Victoria band from their contribution to the 1994 comp, 'Fuck The Commonwealth'. They also released another tape, which I also just got and will most likely post next. So hang tight, i-ight?

November 4, 2019

VA - Killed By Hardcore 3 LP (2003)

You've heard the previous two Killed By Hardcores so you know what you're getting here. Too bad they didn't put out more of these, eh?

November 1, 2019

VA - Killed By Hardcore 2 LP (2002)

I bought the first Killed By Hardcore around the time it was released, but it was only recently that I finally found volumes 2 & 3. Since these bootleg comps came out a lot of this stuff has been reissued, but there still a bunch of rare shit on here.