April 8, 2020

ENOLA GAY - 1982-84 LP (2004)

Young, fast & snotty Danish HC. You might remember them from their appearance on 'Cleanse The Bacteria'. Well here's everything they recorded. Listen HERE

April 5, 2020

VA - Διατάραξη Κοινής Ησυχίας LP (1984)

Greek comp featuring a who's who of the punk & post-punk scene in that country at the time. The title of this record translates to 'Disturbing The Peace' (according to Google Translate anyways). Ripped from the 2013 reissue. Listen to it HERE

March 31, 2020

EYE WITNESS - Demo tape (2019)

It's been a minute since I've posted any recent bands so here's a new Boston outfit featuring members of Chain Rank, Flaccid, Scapegoat and more. Listen HERE
1. Stuck
2. In My Head
3. Self Destruct
4. Common Man's Funeral
5. Cadet

March 30, 2020

THE CORPSE - Fight Against Rules LP (2012)

Polish hardcore/thrash originally recorded in 1988 (track 11 in '89) and released on a split tape with Moskwa. For some reason I'm having issues embedding videos on here right now, so here's the Youtube link.

March 26, 2020

TREBLINKA - Helvettiin Ja Takaisin LP (2011)

 Another slice of late 80's Suomipunk. This LP compiles the band's 1988 7" EP 'Ihmisyyden Taideteos?', along with some demos and comp tracks.

March 22, 2020

TERVEYSKESKUS - Maailmanloppu EP (1987)

Super catchy under the radar late 80's Finnish punk. Haven't heard their other material, but this 7" is great. Ripped from the 2012 reissue. 

March 17, 2020

SEDICION - En Las Calles LP (1990)

These guys definitely didn't have the sophomore curse when they dropped this platter. Raw AF and yet catchy as hell. What were expecting on St Patrick's Day, some celtic-punk BS?