August 14, 2018

ASSEMBLY OF GOD - Submission Obedience Denial EP (2001)

Screamy hardcore from Oklahoma featuring members of Brother Inferior and Burnpile. And when I say screamy I don't mean screamo, so don't worry. 

August 7, 2018


Havoc Records month continues with this overlooked band from small town Wisconsin. They also had an LP out on Deranged Records too.

August 1, 2018

AUS-ROTTEN - Fuck Nazi Sympathy EP (1994)

A friend of mine was getting rid of a bunch of old 7"s so I gladly took them off his hands. Many of them happen to be released by Havoc Records so I thought I'd make August Havoc records month. Going in chronological order here's the first one, which according to the Havoc website sold 22,000 copies. Judging by all the Aus-Rotten patches I see out there I guess it's not too surprising.

July 24, 2018


Here's a double-shot of some Vancouver punk'n'roll from the early 00's. Thanks again to Mike Hawk of the Hell Caminos for hooking me up with this 7".

July 17, 2018

THE GOP - England Sucks EP (2005)

Great snotty hardcore from Portland with vocals that sound like a cross between Nathan Strejcek (Teen Idles/Youth Brigade) and the late John Stabb (GI). I discovered this 7" from the killer ONE TRACK TO HELL blog and dug it so much I just had to have my own copy. I added a bonus track which I'm assuming is from the same session as the EP as it's the band's only other recording out there. It's off a record called "Choke On It - A 27 Band Portland Oregon Compilation". I was originally going to upload that record on here as well but my copy has a few skips on it so I figured I'd just add the GOP's song. Shame they never didn't put out anything else.

1. England Sucks
2. West Linn
3. Portland Politics
4. Who We Are
5. Ready To Die (Bonus Track)

July 10, 2018

STINKY RATS - Vergonati LP (1986)

Still on an Italian HC kick so here's yet another band I discovered through the Love/Hate compilation. Ripped from the 2009 CD reissue, minus the bonus demo and comp tracks.
1. Intro/Rifiuto
2. Spara, Prega, Compra, Uccidi
3. Uomo
4. Giorni
5. Bisogno
6. Odio
7. Non Pensare
8. Vergognati

July 2, 2018

VA - Punk In Italia Vol. 2 CD (2017)

Here's some more 80's Italian punk & hardcore for you in case volume one wasn't enough.