November 28, 2021



Double dose of pure raw uncut Peruvian hardcore from the late 80's. While Kaos General sound a lot like their country's contemporaries from that time period, Situacion Hostil lean more towards the crossover/thrash side of the hardcore spectrum.

November 22, 2021

YOUNG IDENTITIES - New Trends EP (1980)


Sophomore 7" from this early Brisbane band. Ripped from the 2011 reissue which I recently bought off a buddy of mine for $2. Well worth it IMO. Now I gotta track down their debut EP from '79.

November 16, 2021

FATHEAD SUBURBIA - Control The Masses EP (1982)

 Obscure short-lived NYHC that is probably best known for being the first band Paul Bearer from Sheer Terror was involved in. Ripped from the 2011 7" reissue. "The Masses" also appeared on the 1983 comp 'BIG CITY - AIN'T TOO PRETTY'. 

November 11, 2021

STATE - Wüste Dtld. ("Dregs O' Detroit") EP (2009)

Another rad 7" by Ann Arbor's finest. The first two songs are sung in German, 'cause hey why not?

November 7, 2021

MURO - Split w/ Zyfilis tape (2018)

 Just Muro's tracks here since the Zyfilis side is on their Bandcamp. I think the track listing may be incorrect as song 1 is 'Desperdicio en produccion' on their split with Orden Mundial and song 3 is 'Proceso Mortal'. Pics below taken by yours truly when they played Vancouver in 2019.

October 29, 2021

RIGORMORTIS - The Conveyed Message LP (1986)

Not to be confused with the thrash metal band from Texas, these dudes were from L.A. but sounded like they could've hailed from Chicago. There's definitely an UK influence there as well.