February 21, 2017

SINEATER - Dunce Cap & Pencil Neck EPs (1993-94)

Here's another from band Kamloops. I've seen these two 7"s in local record stores so much over the years I assumed they were from the Vancouver area. I finally bought both of them because I figured someone out there may want to hear them again. They also have a split 7" with Christie Front Drive and a demo tape that can be downloaded HERE.
1. So Simple
2. Dunce Cap
3. Seven Years

1. Pencil Neck
2. Coming Back

February 14, 2017

INNER ANGER - My Head Hurts LP (1989)

Here's yet another record I kept seeing in local shops that I finally got around to picking up. I don't really know anything about this band except they were from Kamloops and only released this one album. Crossover with melodic vocals is probably the best description I can give it. 
1. Reality
2. Life Out There
3. The Time
4. Tears And Puppeteers
5. Alice In Nowhere Land
6. Cobwebs
7. Building Borders
8. Simple Change
9. My Silent Son
10. The Divorce Song
11. Great Escape

February 6, 2017

REGGIE - Broke tape (1995)

Here's one of the bands from the 'Langley Mugged' CD I posted last week. As far as I know, this demo was their only release. The version of 'Swiftly Sinking' on here is different than the one that comp so maybe there's other recordings floating around.
1. Swiftly Sinking
2. Little Bolimic Girl
3. Baby Rage
4. Feather
5. Day After
6. Waking Up

February 2, 2017

VA - Langley Mugged CD (1995)

Local comp of young punk/grunge/alternative bands from the burbs of Vancouver. In the summer of '95 I went to an all ages show at a community centre in Langley near my dad's house that featured a couple bands off this CD, Failsafe and Reggie. My buddy was doing sound for the gig and was friends with the Reggie guys who I remember doing a decent cover of "2+2" by DOA. Failsafe played last and were pretty goofy, although I dug their cover of Young MC's "Fastest Rhyme". 

January 25, 2017

DEATHLY EYE - Weird Tales Of Terror tape (2016)

Halloween-themed side project by the Blazing Eye/Deathly guy, preforming some of your favourite UK82 hits. 

1. One Of The Boys (The Ejected)
2. Drugs Of Youth (Subhumans)
3. Knife Edge (GBH)
4. Psycho Killer (English Dogs)
5. Young Blood (Vice Squad)

January 18, 2017

VA - Super Sabado Gigante LP (2003)

Killer fastcore comp on a single sided 12", made for the Super Sabado Gigante Festival. Truth be told, I bought this record for Holier Than Thou? and Municipal Waste. Is it blasphemy that I like HHT's version of 'Why?' more than the original?
1. ARTIMUS PYLE - Dirty Laundry
2. LACK OF INTEREST - Paranoid
3. GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Total Denial Of All Involvement
4. CRUCIAL UNIT - Adolthood
6. KUNGFU RICK - A Solid Dent In Public Pavement
7. KUNGFU RICK - Class Inclusion
8. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Non-Fashion Is Still Fashion
9. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Revolution Now! Destroy The Scene
10. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Shut Up And Play
12. KYLESA - Delusion On Fire
13. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Self Abuse (Poison Idea)
14. SHANK - Panoramas Of Hell
15. SHANK - Get Out (Madball)

January 10, 2017

THE HELL CAMINOS - S/T tape (1997)

The Hell Caminos formed out of the ashes of Seamen, going for a more punk 'n' roll sound like the Supersuckers and Zeke. They also put out a CD and a split 7" with the Spitfires. After disbanding in 2000, members would go on to play in many local bands and still do to this day. 
1. All Juiced Up
2. Woke Up (On The Floor)
3. Barenut Kickers
4. Escape From The Island Of SKLOIBS
5. Down Below
6. Sweet Potato Pie
7. Bored... Very Bored
8. Extra Crispy
9. Flap Jack
10. (Fullo') Piss 'n' Vinegar
11. Ed's Drunk
12. Winnipeg Prison Riot
13. Leaving Town
14. Feelin' Kinda Froggy