January 18, 2017

VA - Super Sabado Gigante LP (2003)

Killer fastcore comp on a single sided 12", made for the Super Sabado Gigante Festival. Truth be told, I bought this record for Holier Than Thou? and Municipal Waste. Is it blasphemy that I like HHT's version of 'Why?' more than the original?
1. ARTIMUS PYLE - Dirty Laundry
2. LACK OF INTEREST - Paranoid
3. GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Total Denial Of All Involvement
4. CRUCIAL UNIT - Adolthood
6. KUNGFU RICK - A Solid Dent In Public Pavement
7. KUNGFU RICK - Class Inclusion
8. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Non-Fashion Is Still Fashion
9. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Revolution Now! Destroy The Scene
10. BURN YOUR BRIDGES - Shut Up And Play
12. KYLESA - Delusion On Fire
13. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Self Abuse (Poison Idea)
14. SHANK - Panoramas Of Hell
15. SHANK - Get Out (Madball)

January 10, 2017

THE HELL CAMINOS - S/T tape (1997)

The Hell Caminos formed out of the ashes of Seamen, going for a more punk 'n' roll sound like the Supersuckers and Zeke. They also put out a CD and a split 7" with the Spitfires. After disbanding in 2000, members would go on to play in many local bands and still do to this day. 
1. All Juiced Up
2. Woke Up (On The Floor)
3. Barenut Kickers
4. Escape From The Island Of SKLOIBS
5. Down Below
6. Sweet Potato Pie
7. Bored... Very Bored
8. Extra Crispy
9. Flap Jack
10. (Fullo') Piss 'n' Vinegar
11. Ed's Drunk
12. Winnipeg Prison Riot
13. Leaving Town
14. Feelin' Kinda Froggy

January 2, 2017

AUSENCIA - Cuantas Vidas tape (2016)

Five more catchy jams from this L.A. band, who recorded this demo for their Southwest tour with Rixe last year. The production on this isn't quite as good as their debut tape, but with songs this good I'm willing to overlook it.
1. Mi Lugar En Este Mundo
2. ¿Cuantas Vidas?
3. Mi Corazon Lloro
4. Policia
5. Tus Ojos Dicen La Verdad

December 27, 2016


DESCENDENTS - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Armageddon Survival Guide (Unrest)
ROTTEN UK - That Is Not Dead… (Hells Headbangers)
BRAIN SLUG - Live In Power (Hardware)
ARMS RACE - New Wave Of British Hardcore (La Vida Es Un Mus)
THE WAR GOES ON - S/T (Adult Crash)
V.A. - Babylon Mixtape (East 7th Punx)
SAURON - Conquest Through Attrition (Dystopian Dogs)
TARANTÜLA - S/T (none)
TARANTÜLA - I Got High With Bela Lugosi (none)
D.R.I. - But Wait, There's More! (Beer City)
ULTRA - España Invertebrada (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BISHOPS GREEN - Back To Our Roots (Rebellion)
ELECTROCUTIONER - Wretch In Order (Die Laughing)
PMS 84 - 2016 (Voice From Inside)
RIXE - Les Nerfs A Vif (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LESION - II (Adult Crash)
PARASYTES / SECTA - Split (Discos MMM)
FINAL - Demo (Discos MMM)
ODIO - Un Mondo Libero Dall'Uomo (Nightrider)
AUSENCIA - Cuantas Vidas (Verdugo Discos)
DEATHLY - S/T (Overdose)
DEATHLY EYE - Weird Tales Of Terror (Overdose)

EXOTIC ADRIAN STREET - Shake Wrestle & Roll (Burger)
REAGAN YOUTH - The Complete Youth Anthems For The New Order (New Red Archives)
WARZONE - Don't Forget The Struggle… (Revelation)
RAMONES - Ramones 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Rhino/Sire)
METALLICA - Kill 'Em All (Blackened)
METALLICA - Ride The Lightning (Blackened)
EVIL ARMY - Command, Attack & Destroy (Vulkan)
BLAZING EYE - 2013-2016 (none)
DER STAB - Tracers/It's Grey (Negative Jazz)
ELECTROCUTIONER - 5 Trax Demo (Make 'Em Sweat)
GAS RAG - Discography (Outsider)

December 18, 2016

THE DISHRAGS - Three LP (2014)

This LP compiles all the 1978-79 recordings of the Dishrags when they were still a trio, hence the title 'Three'. Anyone who knows this band has the heard the studio recordings before (tracks 1-2 from the Vancouver Complication sessions & 11-13, their debut 7" 'Past Is Past'). But what really makes this record worth owning is the recently unearthed live soundboard recordings from Oct '78 (tracks 3-9) and Jan '79 (14-20). The sound quality is amazing and it's cool hear some previously unreleased originals and covers as well a few that would later sound different in the studio like Tormented and Sold Out. This release also comes with a booklet containing a bunch of pics and liner notes. And as you can see, my copy was autographed! Another great release by Supreme Echo, who also put out the equally amazing 'All Your Ears Can Hear' comp I posted back in September.
1. I Don't Love You
2. Bullshit
3. What Do You Want Me To Be? (The Furies)
4. High Society Snob
5. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Ramones)
6. Rebel Kind (Dino, Desi & Billy)
7. Tormented
8. Double Checkin' Woman (Eddie & The Hot Rods)
9. Quick Step (The Adverts)
10. Friday Night Date (The Furies)

11. Past Is Past
12. Tormented
13. Love Is Shit [It’s Goodbye]
14. Just Another Girl
15. Sold Out
16. Craven A…
17. Public Enemy
18. Bullshit
19. I Don't Love You
20. London's Burning (The Clash)

December 8, 2016

FAKE IT BIG TIME - Vancouver Seeds VI tape (1991)

Fake It Big Time featured Vancouver punk rock veterans Randy Rampage and Brad Kent who previously played together in DOA, The 45s, The Sick Ones, Ground Zero and on Rampage's 1982 solo album. They won CFOX's 1991 'Demo-listen Derby' and were given the entire first side of this tape with six songs, while the runners up only got one or two songs each on side 2. And no, they're not included in this download (get your Rhymes With Orange fix elsewhere!). They even had a professionally shot video made for 'Bytor' that was shown on MuchMusic and MTV. Be sure to check out Randy's newly released memoirs, "I Survived DOA".
1. Bytor
2. Lorne Henry Blues
3. Evil Ways
4. Eye On You
5. Sonic Reducer
6. Ready To Rock

December 1, 2016

VA - Future Is Death tape (2016)

Here's a weird little cassette comp with a few different genres represented. Out of the 12 songs on here, 4 of them are instrumentals. I think only a limited number of these were made because I can't find any more copies for sale anywhere online.