July 25, 2016

TOTAL FURY - Ears Go Deaf EP (2008)

This is Total Fury's last release, as far as I know. Even though this came out 8 years ago they still seem to be playing shows, although I don't know who's still in the band. Like all of their records that came out after 'Committed To The Core', this 12" was released for one of their US tours and one features at least one or more re-recordings of an earlier song and a cover. But it's Total Fury and it's 10 songs in 11 minutes, so you know it rips.
1. Guilty
2. Lie
3. In My Hands
4. World Update
5. Briefcase
6. Puppet On A String (Government Issue)
7. Little Story
8. Crap Song 
9. Total Fury
10. Anticipation

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