May 9, 2016


Here's a ripper from Memphis Tennessee, home of Jerry "The King" Lawler and Graceland. I wasn't familiar with Bury The Living before this 7", but they play fast pissed-off HC that seems right up my alley. They've also put out a bunch of other records that I really need to check out. Evil Army's 2006 self titled LP is one of my favourite thrash metal albums of the new millennium. But if this is your first time hearing them, you might think they were just straight up hardcore. My only complaint of this split is that I wished Evil Army had more songs on here as the Bury The Living side is over twice as long as theirs. 
1. BURY THE LIVING - Just Like You Said
2. BURY THE LIVING - Our Fault
3. BURY THE LIVING - Lies! Lies! Lies!
4. BURY THE LIVING - What Was Said
5. BURY THE LIVING - Who Woke Up Senator Joe?
6. EVIL ARMY - Give Me A Gun
7. EVIL ARMY - This Means War
8. EVIL ARMY - Severe Mental Disorder

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