June 19, 2016

DS-13 - Thrash And Burn EP (2000)

I never bought this EP before recently because I thought all of the band's non-LP tracks was compiled on the 2003 CD 'No One Will Thank You When You Are Dead'. Guess not. This was originally released in 2000 as a 6", my copy is the 7" reissue that came out 2 years after. DS-13 originally split in 2002, but have gotten back together in recent years to play a bunch of shows. I wonder if a new record is in the works?
1. Straights & Drunks
2. World Of Hatred
3. Work Sucks
4. Victory Records
5. David Sandström
6. Prechewed Rebellion
7. Fukk Responsibility
8. Youth Crüe Über Alles
9. Destroy


  1. Hey Jimmy, I´ve been checking your blog for some time but haven´t commented anything yet. I´ve found here lots of great stuff, keep it up! I also added you to my blog list, cheers!


    1. Thanks, dude! I'll add you to mine too. Cheers!