November 1, 2016

EMENKAYA - S/T LP (2013)

Sole release by this mysterious Danish band. I say mysterious because this record came with no lyrics, band photos, or any info. Just this intriguing cover photo that I'd love to know the back story of. All I could find out about this group is that they included a member or two from Cola Freaks and only played a few shows and put out this amazing record before disbanding. I don't really know who to compare it to so you'll just have to listen for yourself and thank me later.
1. Vanskabt
2. Ind I Et Rum / Skinnerne Synger
3. Ulvene Kommer
4. Spedalsk
5. Sammenhold
6. Menneske Frygt Dig
7. Tabt
8. Selvvalgt Terapi
9. Broderskab
10. Udviklingen Taler Imod Dig


  1. This photo is taken from a real incident here in Germany in the late 80´s, the "hostage taking of Gladbeck". You can read the details here (unfortunately in German language). The guy is Rösner, who first robbed a bank together with Degowski, then they took some hostages and were trying to flee over two days. Two hostages and one police officer were killed by them, so the 18 yr old woman Silke Bischoff in the photo.

  2. As seen on this iconic cover: