April 23, 2013

VA - Undergrowth 85 tape (1985)

I wish I could take credit for ripping this tape, but unfortunately I don't even own it. I actually got it off Soulseek, but whoever originally uploaded it did a pretty decent job. It used to be available on the O CANADARM! blog (where I stole the images from), but the D/L link is dead. Like Undergrowth 84, this compilation is a pretty good mix of punk, new romantic, industrial and experimental type stuff, most of it not found anywhere else.
1. House Of Commons - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
2. NG3 - Nuclear Death
3. AKOB - Pogo Blues
4. AKOB - 5 Finger Discount Blues
5. Bill Of Rights - Surfrenzy
6. Bill Of Rights - The Unknown Surfer
7. Bad Attitude - Sinking Time
8. Otis Dog - Welfare Punks
9. Mecca Normal - Are You Hungry Joe?
10. Shanghai Dog - American Desert (Acoustic)
11. Sore Heads - Teenage Crimewave
12. The Krauts - America
13. Sexual Infections - Shock Therapy 
14. Active Glands - I'll Be Me
15. Immoral Minority - No Toys For You
16. Celebrity Drunks - Lift Up That Dress
17. Emily - Fuck That Dog
18. Industrial Waste Banned - Thank You For The Hole In My Head
19. Idyle And Undesirable - Kamikaze
20. MIA - Louise
21. Beauty Foundation - The Party
22. Stab 'Em In The Abdomen - Memories Of Kilgore
23. Belgianiques - Looking At You
24. Ominous Cinema - Stand In The Sun
25. A Merry Cow - Bed In The Gutter
26. Electric Purple Carrot - Boredom
27. Blood BBQ - Eye Got You Babe
28. Sam - I Am Hitler's Son


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    1. Thanks, it's fixed now. Stupid mediafire.

  2. I have just acquired a copy of this cassette release and am in the process of digitizing it. Let me know if you could use the file(s) as well as a more complete set of images - this was CITR Radio University of BC sourced.

    1. That would be great! My email is jimmyheartburn@gmail.com