April 8, 2012

VA - Tales From The Western Shore tape (1985)

This was put out by Terminally Stupid fanzine and made up of mostly live and rehearsal recordings, with the exception of Death Sentence (whose songs were taken from their record). If it wasn't for Kill From The Heart, I wouldn't know what most of the bands or song titles were on this because my tape didn't come with an insert or anything. 

1. The Bill Of Rights - Two Floors Down
2. The Bill Of Rights - Skammer
3. Immoral Minority - CA
4. Immoral Minority - Gleem Regime
5. Immoral Minority - Who's Right?
6. Immoral Minority - I Don't Need Your Help
7. A.O.T. - Baby Bonfire
8. A.O.T. - AOT Chant
9. A.O.T. - Luke Skywalker's Gay
10. A.O.T. - I Can't Skate
11. Unknown Fibres - Nobody
12. Unknown Fibres - German Song
13. Death Sentence - Death Squad
14. Death Sentence - Feel Fucked
15. The Fitz - Die High
16. The Fitz - Poisoned
17. The Spores - The Weyayeamme
18. The Spores - Chemical Rainbow


  1. Thanks! This rip sounds better than my original cassette master from 28 years ago!

  2. we were just talking about this....lol

  3. Really? I think I found that tape at a record fair like 10 years ago. Must not have been played too much. I just uploaded it through my old tape deck using Audacity and took out a bit of the hiss. Cheers!

  4. Oh hey, the Death Sentence tracks on here were unreleased at the time, their EP "Not a Pretty Sight" wasn't out yet. They were from a master tape that Tim gave me- same recording, but not yet released...FYI...Thanks