March 16, 2012

SCHOOLLY D - Gangster Boogie / Maniac 12" (1986)

Although Schoolly-D isn't the greatest rapper in the world, he'll always be one of my all-time favorites. This is his debut single, originally released in 1984 (ripped from a 1986 repress). 'Gangster Boogie' was definitely influenced by Run-DMC's "Sucker MC's", while the flip side "Maniac" sounds like a poor man's "Rockit". Not his most classic material, but I'd still rather listen to this than most of what passes for hip hop nowadays.

1. Gangster Boogie (M.C., M.C's) (Street Version)
2. Gangster Boogie (M.C., M.C's) (Radio Version)
3. Maniac

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