September 3, 2013


"Terminally Stupid #6 photozine- DIVING WITH YOUR BOOTS ON- 1985: The Year in Punk & Hardcore... 28 years in the making (well, maybe 1 year in the making and 27 years sitting in a box...), here's the year of punk and hardcore gigs in Vancouver through the camera lens of a 17 year old suburban kid and his friend with a darkroom (and a better camera), plus a few from out of town. Includes visual scene reports from Vancouver and Toronto circa 1985...Enjoy..."

- Dan Walters


When Dan asked if I would post his zine on my blog, I was not only stoked but honoured. There's lots of great pics on there that make me wish I was older than ten back in '85. Click on the link to download it as a single PDF file. If you can't open it, try using Foxit Reader which can be downloaded for free here.


  1. Check out the Facebook page-


  3. Wow. Thanks for posting this up. Brings back great memories.

  4. Wow, I'm late to the party, but I really enjoyed looking at this. I was at a lot of these shows. I knew Dan back in the day and a previous iteration of this zine passed thru my hands at the time. I was doing my own zine and I think there may have been some discussion of us putting it out cuz Dan was busy, but it never happened, cuz Im a lazy flake. He also gave me a compilation cassette of local bands that I ended up dubbing like 10 copies of, but never fulfilled my obligation by releasing. It's probably still sitting in my Dad's basement. Next time I'm in Van, I will try to find it.
    Anyway, great stuff! Thanks!!

    1. If it's the tape I'm thinking of, it's probably 'Tales From The Western Shore'. I posted it on here back in April 2012 If it's not, let me know and hook me up with a copy! Cheers!

    2. That comp cassette (dubbed 10 copies was supposed to be the follow up release to "Tales..." called "You're All On Satan's Guestlist" with a bunch of unreleased (at the time) stuff from 1985/86. Wish I still had a copy of it myself!!